Best cities in Europe for cyclists

10 Best European cities for cyclists

Cycling tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Cities are improving their infrastructure with bike lane networks and signage. Bicycles have become a common means of transport in large cities. Institutions and private companies are promoting bicycle tourism in Europe. European cities offer a practical and different way to visit their main attractions by bicycle.

Why should you travel by bicycle?

Speed, comfort as well as affordability are some of the benefits of sightseeing by bicycle. There are ten European cities that can be comfortably visited by bicycle. Europe is adapting its cities to be more bicycle friendly. Bicycles are part of booming urban transport and have exclusive lanes and signage. Companies and institutions support and encourage bicycle tourism. Discover a different way of sightseeing in Europe, getting around by bicycle.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as the bicycle capital of the world. With over 800,000 bicycles in the city, it is one of the most popular forms of transportation. Bike lanes are everywhere, and there are traffic lights specially designed for cyclists. There are also bicycle parking lots on every corner, and bicycles can be rented anywhere in the city. Most streets are designed so that cyclists have priority, making it safe and easy to ride a bike in Amsterdam. No wonder it is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city renowned for its use of bicycles, and its cycling infrastructure is becoming increasingly friendly to cyclists. In addition to being an economical and healthy way to get around the city, cycling is an exciting and unique experience in Barcelona. The city has bike lanes and pedestrian zones that make commuting safer for cyclists. Some of the most popular places to ride a bike in Barcelona include the Paseo Marítimo, Parc de la Ciutadella, and the Gothic Quarter.

3. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a city known for its love of bicycles. With its extensive network of bike lanes, the city is easy to get around on two wheels. In addition, the city offers plenty of on-street bike parking and garage parking, making it easy to park your bike. The city also offers a low-cost bike rental option, “V3”, which is easy to use and offers a cost-effective way to explore Bordeaux. Pedaling around this beautiful city will not only keep you fit but also allow you to see its beautiful buildings and vineyards up close and personal.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Bicycling is part of Danish culture and in Copenhagen, cycling is the most popular form of transportation. Bicycles are considered an extension of the human body and are found everywhere in the city. With separated bike lanes, bicycle traffic lights, and ample parking spaces, the city has created a bicycle-friendly environment. In addition, bicycle rentals are easy and affordable, allowing visitors to explore the city in a sustainable and healthy way.

5. Berlin, Germany

Choosing cycling as a means of transportation in Berlin is an eco-friendly option that contributes to the sustainability of the city. Berlin is committed to sustainable mobility and reducing carbon emissions, and promoting cycling is an important part of that vision. By choosing cycling over a motorized vehicle, you are helping to reduce air pollution and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for Berlin’s residents and visitors.

6. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, a city of charm, has become an ideal place for bicycle lovers. This beautiful city in Ireland. With its compact size and cobblestone streets, getting around on two wheels is a fast and sustainable way to get around. Bicycles are popular with locals and tourists alike. With an ever-expanding network of bike paths and the option to rent public bikes, it’s easy to enjoy the city’s iconic sights, such as Trinity College or Temple Bar, while breathing fresh air.

7. Antwerp, Belgium

Explore its historic streets, parks, and river routes on two wheels. No traffic, no pollution, just fun. With hundreds of kilometers of bike paths, cycling is the preferred mode of transportation for locals. Easy to rent, with options for tourists. A healthy, ecological, and economical way to get around Antwerp. Join Antwerp’s cycling culture and enjoy the freedom on two wheels, pedal and discover this beautiful Belgian city!

8. Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara is a perfect city to cycle around. With cobblestone streets and historic buildings, it is an ideal place for a ride on two wheels. The well-marked and connected cycle paths make it safe and comfortable to cycle in Ferrara. Renting a bike is easy and affordable, with several options available in the city. It’s a sustainable and healthy way to explore the city, as well as being a unique experience of Italian culture.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

Bicycling in Stockholm is very popular among citizens. The city has an extensive network of bicycle lanes and bicycle parking throughout the city. The mild climate and picturesque scenery make cycling an enjoyable experience. Citizens can use public bicycles to get around the city, and many also have their own bicycles. Cycling is a popular and sustainable form of transportation in Stockholm, and many citizens choose it as their primary form of transportation. Riding a bicycle is also an excellent form of exercise and a fun way to explore the city.

10. Trondheim, Norway

It may not even be the city with the most kilometers of bike lanes and its steep slopes are a challenge for even the most trained cyclists. But this municipality does its best to make its relationship with bicycles something unique in the world. So much so that in Trondheim you will find the only bicycle elevator that has ever existed. Built-in 1993, it has helped more than 220,000 cyclists reach the top of Bbrubakken Hill, where the historic center is located. The city also offers (unlike the rest of the country) the possibility of renting a bicycle without the need for an annual subscription. You just have to make sure you have change.

Are you ready to plan your next cycling vacation in Europe?

Europe is a continent full of amazing cities for cycling. From Amsterdam to Copenhagen to Munich to Barcelona, all offer a unique and exciting experience for bicycle enthusiasts. Each city has its own network of bike lanes, and many also have public bike programs and secure bike racks. Bicycling is not only a fun and healthy way to explore these cities, but it is also a sustainable and economical form of transportation. Without a doubt, these cities are ideal for cyclists and will not disappoint those who want to experience Europe in a different and exciting way.

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