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Top 10 Travel Blogs: Your Ticket To Explore the World

Are you seeking inspiration, expert advice, and travel stories to fuel your wanderlust? Look no further! Here we are unveiling the top 10 travel blogs in the digital realm. These will transport you to breathtaking destinations and provide invaluable travel tips. 

From remote corners of the globe to bustling cityscapes, these travel blogs offer a wealth of information, beautiful imagery, and personal narratives that will inspire you to embark on your own unforgettable journeys, to create a travel blog. So go grab your virtual passport and join us as we dive into the captivating world of travel blogging!

1. Nomadic Matt 

Nomadic Matt has become an icon in the travel blogging community, offering practical advice, budget travel tips, and destination guides. He shared in-depth articles on how to save money while traveling and expert tips on finding the best accommodations and flight deals. You will also enjoy personal stories of his own adventures. Nomadic Matt inspires readers to explore the world without breaking the bank. We all want to know those secrets right? 

2. The Blonde Abroad 

If you’re a female traveler seeking inspiration, travel tips, and insights from a fellow wanderer, The Blonde Abroad is the perfect blog for you. Kiersten Rich shares her vibrant travel experiences, empowering women to embrace solo travel, discover hidden gems, and immerse themselves in different cultures. 

With stunning photography and engaging narratives, this blog will transport you to stunning destinations around the world. There is nothing more empowering than embarking on travel adventures by yourself as a woman! And reading Kiersten’s accounts will give you that dose of inspiration, for sure. 

3. A Luxury Travel Blog 

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, A Luxury Travel Blog is a must-read. Offering insights into luxurious accommodations, exclusive experiences, and opulent destinations, this blog caters to travelers seeking indulgence and extravagance. Discover hidden gems, insider tips, and the pinnacle of luxury travel through their carefully curated articles.

4. Expert Vagabond 

Matthew Karsten, the mind behind Expert Vagabond, shares his thrilling adventures and stunning photography from around the world. From remote hiking trails to daring outdoor pursuits, this blog captures the essence of adventure travel. With practical tips, detailed itineraries, and tales of adrenaline-fueled experiences, Expert Vagabond will inspire you to push your boundaries and embrace the thrill of exploration.

5. The Planet D 

Dave and Deb are the adventurous couple behind The Planet D. They have been inspiring travelers for over a decade. Through their blog, they share their epic journeys, photography, and valuable travel advice. From ambitious road trips to challenging hikes and immersive cultural experiences, The Planet D will motivate you to embark on your own unforgettable adventures.

6. Migrationology 

This one is for all the food lovers who live and love to experience food from around the globe. Migrationology, founded by Mark Wiens, takes readers on a gastronomic journey around the world. Through his vibrant videos and mouthwatering descriptions, Mark shares his passion for local cuisine, street food, and culinary adventures. From hidden food stalls to traditional dishes, Migrationology offers a delicious glimpse into the flavors and cultures of various destinations.

7. Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg, the creator of Legal Nomads, offers a unique perspective on travel and food through her inspiring narratives. Jodi left her legal career behind for a life of travel. Isn’t that inspiring? She shares her travel stories, overcoming challenges, and the connection between food and culture. Through her blog, she encourages readers to embrace the unknown, savors authentic flavors, and appreciate the transformative power of travel.

8. Ordinary Traveler 

Christy Woodrow, the face behind Ordinary Traveler, combines stunning photography, detailed travel guides, and personal stories to create a captivating blog. From hiking adventures to tropical getaways and city explorations, Ordinary Traveler provides a mix of practical advice and inspiring narratives that will help you plan your own extraordinary journeys.

9. Y Travel Blog 

Caz and Craig Makepeace, the dynamic duo behind Y Travel Blog, are experts at traveling with kids and exploring family-friendly destinations. With a focus on creating meaningful experiences and bonding as a family, their blog offers tips on traveling with children, destination guides, and heartwarming stories of family adventures. Whether you’re a parent or not, Y Travel Blog will inspire you to prioritize travel and create lasting memories.

10. The Travel Hack 

The Travel Hack, created by Monica Stott, is a treasure trove of travel inspiration, tips, and advice for busy individuals. With a focus on maximizing travel experiences despite time constraints, this blog offers practical tips on weekend getaways, city breaks, and short-term adventures. From packing hacks to time-saving itineraries, The Travel Hack empowers readers to make the most of their limited travel opportunities.

How to find the next best travel blog?

So folks, get lost in the world of travel and adventure as you go through these blogs. With the internet as our guide, we have access to a wealth of travel knowledge, inspiring stories, and practical tips. Gone are the days when we had to purchase heavy travel guidebooks (although that was fun too). These top 10 travel blogs offer a diverse range of experiences, from budget travel to luxury escapades, culinary delights to family adventures. 

You could be a seasoned traveler or just starting out. Go consult these 10 best travel blogs for valuable insights that can help you plan unforgettable trips. Happy travels!


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