Capturing Memories on the Go: The 8 Best Travel Journal Apps for iPhone

Capturing Memories on the Go: The 8 Best Travel Journal Apps

Every digital nomad or frequent traveler would want to document their adventures and preserve these cherished memories. How you document it all, is a very personal experience. I love to write about my travels. I write pages on pages documenting each second of my travels. Others like to collect pictures of every second. But yes, in today’s digital age, traditional pen-and-paper travel journals have evolved into convenient and feature-rich travel journal apps. These apps allow you to effortlessly chronicle your experiences, store photos, and even share your travel stories with the world. 

We’ve curated a list of the 8 best travel journal apps available on both iPhones and Android and each offers unique features to enhance your travel journaling experience.

1. Day One

Day One is a popular and feature-packed travel journal app that seamlessly integrates with your phone. With its elegant Twitter-like interface, easy-to-use functionality, and rich text editing capabilities, Day One allows you to create detailed journal entries complete with photos, location data, and even weather information. Imagine you also know what the weather was like when you took a picture. Its ability to sync across multiple devices ensures that your journal is always accessible wherever you go. There is a free version, but upgrading to the premium version gives unlimited journal entries, photo storage, cloud sync, audio recording, and much more! 

2. Journo Travel Journal

Journo is designed specifically for travel enthusiasts who want to capture and share their journeys. This app offers a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and the ability to geotag your entries. Additionally, Journo allows you to create beautiful photo galleries, map your travel routes, and export your journal as a PDF or eBook. You can even collaborate with your friends and family with a shared Journo when documenting your travels together. It was awarded the Best Travel App by IMA Awards for a reason. 

3. Penzu

If privacy is a top concern for you, Penzu is the ideal travel journal app. With its robust security features, including encryption and password protection, Penzu ensures that your personal thoughts and memories remain confidential. It offers a clean, simple, and intuitive interface, unlimited journaling space, and the ability to add photos and customize your entries.

It isn’t exactly a travel journal app, but more so a reflective journal meant for note-keeping and milestone tracking. But it can be a food diary, travel diary, or pregnancy diary too. 

4. Journey

Journey is a versatile travel journal app that combines the functionality of a diary, photo album, and travel planner. It offers a sleek and modern interface, the ability to add photos, videos, texts, and audio files, and the option to export your journal in various formats, like PDF or DOCX. Journey also includes location tracking, weather data, and integration with social media platforms. You can even record your stress management journey, sleep journey, better habits development journey, and so on. No wonder it was Google Editor’s choice in the best travel apps category. 

5. Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries is not just a travel journal app; it’s a platform where you can connect with other travel enthusiasts and share your travel stories. This app allows you to create visually stunning journal entries, add photos and videos, and explore travel experiences shared by fellow travelers. Its community-oriented approach makes it an excellent choice for those who love to interact and gain inspiration from others. This means you can turn your diary into a travel blog, that you can share over social media and email. It also has customizable layouts that allow you to add text with photos and markings of maps. 

6. Momento

Momento is a comprehensive journaling app that allows you to capture not only your travel experiences but also your social media posts, photos, and activities. It automatically aggregates your digital footprint and creates a rich timeline of your travels. With its advanced search and tagging features, Momento makes it easy to revisit and relive your favorite travel moments. You can even tag your fellow travelers. It is not your normal travel journal app. It also doubles as a project/work journal, pregnancy journal, or private journal.  

7. Tripcast

Tripcast is a popular travel journal app worldwide. It is the perfect way to keep your family and friends updated about your travel journey. You can create a shared photo album where your fellow travelers can also contribute with their own pictures and videos. On group vacations, this is the perfect companion as everyone can keep adding in memories here. It is also like social media for people who love to travel. Your friends and family can like, comment and interact with whatever you share. It also has geo-tagging capabilities so it can make a map of the places you visit. 

8. Diarium 

Diarium allows you to maintain a travel journal using a calendar interface. It offers seamless integration of text, audio, and visuals. You can tag numerous entries in a day to effortlessly organize your thoughts. Explore the world through your journal with location-based sitemaps. It even gives you fitness stats, weather updates, and upcoming events displayed alongside your entries. Effortlessly preserve your memories by exporting them in HTML or DOCX formats. Whether on a laptop, PC, mobile, or tablet, capture the essence of every moment. 

Remember, the best travel journal app is the one that aligns with your personal preferences and travel journaling goals. Explore these apps, read reviews, and consider the features that are most important to you. Whether you’re an avid traveler or a casual explorer, these travel journal apps will help you capture and cherish your travel memories in a digital format. Make sure you also check out general apps for traveling, so nothing bad happens to you on the road. Happy traveling! 


Aemilius Dost is originally from the Netherlands but moved to Mexico more than two years ago. He started traveling when he was 19 and visited over 20 countries spread over North, and Central America, Europe and Asia. He currently works as a freelance SEO specialist and has worked with companies such as Surfshark, SafetyWing, and BP.

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