Can I buy train tickets on the train?

Can I buy train tickets on the train?

Buying train tickets onboard can be a convenient option for travelers, especially when faced with last-minute plans or unexpected changes. In this article, we will explore the process of buying train tickets onboard and discuss key takeaways for passengers.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure availability of window seats or preferred seating arrangements
  • Collect e-tickets with QR codes for easy onboard ticket collection
  • Board the train without the need for a printed ticket
  • Consider booking online for principal train routes
  • Be prepared for potential limitations on seat availability during busy periods

Buying Train Tickets Onboard

Buying Train Tickets Onboard

How to Get a Window Seat

Securing a window seat can enhance your travel experience. Choose your seat carefully when booking online. If air conditioning is a concern, check the carriage details next to the price.

Priority seats offer more space and are marked with stickers. These are accessible on both floors of the train.

For a comfortable journey, consider the following:

  • Lower seats usually have more seating space.
  • Upper berths are primarily for sleeping.
  • If you prefer to sit, ensure your seat converts from a bed to a seating area.

Remember, passengers with physical impairments can request an escort for assistance.

Collecting Tickets Onboard

In many cases, showing a screenshot of your ticket is enough. Conductors often carry QR-Code Readers to scan your ticket directly from your device.

If you’ve bought your ticket online, you might wonder if a printed copy is necessary. Rest assured, a digital copy on your phone usually suffices.

Remember, not all tickets are available online. If the train appears full, try calling customer service or visiting the station. Some tickets are reserved for on-site purchase.

Boarding the Train

Once you’re at the station, boarding is straightforward. Find your carriage and seat as indicated on your ticket. If you’re boarding from a smaller station, or a ‘halt’, you may not face a fine for not having a ticket beforehand. However, you’ll still need to purchase one onboard.

Conductors are equipped to handle ticket sales on the train. This is handy for last-minute travelers or those boarding from less serviced stops. Keep in mind, ticket availability can be limited during peak seasons.

Remember, it’s always best to buy your ticket in advance to avoid any potential issues and secure your preferred seating.


In conclusion, buying train tickets onboard is possible in some cases, especially for local and rapid trains. However, for long-distance travel and certain routes, it’s advisable to book tickets in advance either online or through designated stations. The process may involve obtaining an e-ticket with a QR code, which can be exchanged for a hard-copy ticket at the station. It’s important to ensure seat availability, especially during busy periods, to avoid any inconvenience during the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy train tickets onboard?

In some cases, yes. It depends on the train operator and the availability of tickets. It’s best to check with the train staff or conductor.

How can I get a window seat onboard?

Window seats can be requested when purchasing tickets, but availability is not guaranteed. It’s recommended to arrive early to increase the chances of getting a window seat.

What should I do if I can’t find a seat onboard?

If all seats are taken, you may have to stand or sit on your luggage in the aisle. This is more common during busy times or holiday periods.

Can I collect tickets onboard the train?

Some train operators allow passengers to collect tickets onboard using self-service machines. However, it’s advisable to purchase tickets in advance whenever possible.

Is it possible to board the train without a printed ticket?

Yes, electronic tickets in the form of QR codes are becoming more common. Conductors may have QR-code readers to scan electronic tickets.

What if the train is fully booked online?

In such cases, it’s recommended to contact the train operator directly or visit a local station to inquire about available tickets. Not all tickets may be sold online.

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