Discover the 8 Best Daily Gratitude Apps for Your Wellbeing

Discover the 8 Best Daily Gratitude Apps for Your Wellbeing

In today’s fast-paced world, expressing gratitude is essential to living a fulfilling life. We often express gratitude to others through thank-you notes or by checking in with loved ones. However, we tend to forget the importance of expressing gratitude towards ourselves. If you find it challenging to acknowledge your own achievements and blessings, we have a solution for you. Consider using a gratitude app to cultivate self-appreciation and mindfulness. 

Expressing gratitude towards yourself and acknowledging the good things in life on a daily basis helps us maintain a positive outlook on life. So let’s check out our list of 8 daily gratitude apps that you can use to start your practice. 


Free for iOS and Android users, the Gratitude app offers a range of features to enhance your gratitude practice. The daily journal option presents a list of prompts from which you can choose, although you can also opt for freestyle journaling. The app also includes 7 and 14-day gratitude challenges, serving as reminders to fill out your journal daily with specific prompts. This can be an excellent starting point for those new to gratitude journaling. 

Additionally, the app offers daily affirmation statements tailored to your goals. It also has a vision board feature that allows you to add images, text, and colors, assisting you in manifesting your aspirations. Upgrading to the paid version grants access to additional features such as more photo uploads, keyword searches in daily entries, and data export.

Reflectly Journal and AI Diary

Designed as a mood tracker and gratitude journal, the Reflectly Journal app is available on iOS and Android. While the initial download is free, a yearly subscription is required. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore its features before committing. 

Each morning, the app prompts you to rate your mood and respond to a journal entry based on a prompt. Your mood tracker and previous entries are conveniently displayed on the home screen, enabling you to review past posts and identify patterns in your mood. The app’s AI analyzes your journal entries to generate custom prompts, ensuring a dynamic and engaging journaling experience.

This is a great way to daily check in with yourself, and see how you’re feeling. A more mindful approach to your feelings can help you with your day. 

Bliss – Gratitude Journal

Available for free on both iOS and Android, the Bliss – Gratitude Journal app offers a user-friendly interface. After downloading the app and creating an account, you can begin your gratitude journey. Each day, the app provides you with various prompts to inspire your journaling. From “Honoring People” to “Transforming Problems,” you can select a relevant prompt that resonates with your day. Type your feelings and reflections before saving them. Additionally, the app includes links to gratitude research, allowing you to delve deeper into the process. 

There is also a paid version that offers educational podcasts and online access to journaling on the go. With password protection, your entries remain secure, providing an extra layer of privacy.

Think Up Daily Affirmation

For those seeking to enhance their self-confidence and positive mindset, the Think Up Daily Affirmation app is a fantastic choice. Available on iOS and Android, this app empowers you to create personalized affirmations that align with your goals and aspirations. You can record your affirmations in your own voice, adding a personal touch to the experience. 

Listening to positive affirmations regularly can help reframe your thoughts and boost your self-belief. The app also offers a variety of pre-recorded affirmations to choose from if you need inspiration. With Think Up Daily Affirmation, you can infuse your daily routine with empowering statements that reinforce your worth and potential.

Day One

Another remarkable daily gratitude app is Day One, available for both iOS and Android devices. With its sleek interface and intuitive design, Day One allows you to create a digital journal where you can document your gratitude moments. You can add text entries, photos, and even audio recordings to capture the essence of your gratitude experiences. The app offers customizable reminders to prompt you to write in your journal regularly, ensuring that gratitude becomes a daily habit. 

Day One also provides a secure and private space for your entries, with options for passcode lock or biometric authentication. Whether you prefer to write a few sentences or create a multimedia-rich entry, Day One empowers you to express and preserve your gratitude journey.

Gratitude Garden

For Android and iOS users seeking a gamified gratitude experience, the Gratitude Garden app is an excellent choice. While the app is free to download, there are in-app purchase options available. As you journal, you earn points that can be used to create a gratitude garden filled with plants and creatures. The app provides challenge prompts to earn more points and enhance your garden. If you appreciate a sense of reward and visual progress, this app will add fun to your gratitude practice.

3 Good Things Daily Gratitude

When it comes to focusing on the positive aspects of life, the 3 Good Things Daily Gratitude app offers a simple yet powerful approach. Available for both iOS and Android, this app encourages you to reflect on the good things that happened to you each day. It prompts you to identify moments, experiences, or interactions that brought joy, gratitude, or a sense of accomplishment. By intentionally seeking out these positive aspects, you train your mind to notice and appreciate the small blessings in life.

Incorporating gratitude into our lives is a powerful practice that promotes personal well-being and growth. While we often express gratitude towards others, it’s essential to acknowledge ourselves as well. By using a gratitude app, you can cultivate a habit of self-appreciation and mindfulness. So, select the app that resonates with you and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and gratitude. 

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