Does Omio charge a booking fee?

Does Omio charge a booking fee?

Omio is a travel metasearch engine that provides users with the ability to compare air, rail, and bus travel options in a single search. With a presence in 15 countries and over 27 million monthly users, Omio offers access to more than 800 travel partners and over 100,000 destinations across Europe. This article explores Omio’s booking fee and provides insights into when it is charged, how to avoid it, and how it compares to fees on other platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Omio’s minimum booking value is 40 euros
  • Omio is releasing a new discount code valid until January 31, 2024
  • Users can avoid the booking fee by using the Omio discount code
  • Omio’s booking fee can be compared with fees on other travel platforms
  • Omio operates in 15 countries and connects with over 800 travel partners

Understanding Omio’s Booking Fee

Understanding Omio's Booking Fee

What is Omio’s booking fee?

Omio charges a booking fee for each ticket purchase. The fee is typically 3-7% of the total ticket price. See the table below for specific fee percentages for different ticket types.

When is the booking fee charged?

When is the booking fee charged?

The booking fee is charged at the time of booking, in addition to the ticket price.

  • The booking fee varies depending on the type of ticket and the route.
  • It is typically a small percentage of the ticket price.

*Tip: Booking in advance can help you secure cheaper fares and potentially avoid the booking fee altogether.

How to avoid the booking fee

To avoid the booking fee, consider using other platforms like or These platforms may allow you to select specific seats from a seating plan for an extra fee. Additionally, you can compare seating options and seat numbers before paying, giving you more flexibility in choosing your seats. Another tip is to book all your trips together in one transaction, as some credit cards may fail if used for a second transaction. Keep in mind that there is a time limit of about 15 minutes to complete your booking, so act promptly to avoid losing your reservations.

Comparing Omio’s booking fee with other platforms

When comparing Omio’s booking fee, it’s essential to consider the value provided. Omio’s fee is a small price for the convenience of comparing multiple travel options. Unlike some platforms that inflate prices, Omio maintains transparency. Their fee is consistent, regardless of the currency used. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Small booking fee, multiple currencies
  • Other platforms: May have mark-ups or hidden fees

Remember, Omio’s minimum booking value is 40 euro. Plus, with discount codes like the current one valid until 31 January 2024, you can save on international travel. Always check for promotions before booking to get the best deal.

Tip: Use discount codes and book during promotional periods to minimize fees.


In conclusion, Omio’s new discount code offers a great opportunity for travelers to save on their international train, bus, or ferry bookings. With a minimum booking value of 40 euros and a 12% discount available until January 31st, 2024, travelers can enjoy more affordable journeys. Omio’s user-friendly platform and wide range of travel partners make it a convenient choice for comparing and booking travel options. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and embark on your next adventure with Omio today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omio’s booking fee?

Omio’s booking fee is a service fee charged for the convenience of booking travel tickets through the Omio platform.

When is the booking fee charged?

The booking fee is charged at the time of booking a travel ticket through the Omio platform.

How to avoid the booking fee

To avoid the booking fee, users can look for promotional codes, discounts, or special offers provided by Omio.

Is the booking fee affected by the minimum booking value?

Yes, the booking fee may be affected by the minimum booking value set by Omio.

Can the booking fee be waived for certain types of journeys?

The booking fee may be waived for specific types of journeys, such as international train, bus, or ferry connections, depending on the terms and conditions of Omio’s promotions.

How does Omio’s booking fee compare with other platforms?

Omio’s booking fee may vary compared to other platforms, and it is advisable for users to compare fees and charges across different travel booking platforms to make an informed decision.


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