Is a FlixBus Ticket refundable?

Is a FlixBus Ticket refundable? The Answer!

Is a FlixBus Ticket refundable?

Flixbus is a popular low-cost bus travel option that offers an extensive network of routes and a convenient booking process. However, it is important to understand Flixbus’ refund policy in case you need to cancel or change your ticket. In this article, we will explore the refund policy of Flixbus, the circumstances under which refunds are available, the different refund options, and how to request a refund. We will also provide some tips for a successful refund and discuss any exceptions to the refund policy. Here are the key takeaways from this article:

Key Takeaways

  • Flixbus has a refund policy that allows eligible passengers to receive a refund for their tickets.
  • Refunds are available for cancelled or delayed trips, missed connections, and unforeseen emergencies.
  • The refund process and timeline may vary depending on the circumstances.
  • Passengers can choose between a full refund, partial refund, or voucher/credit for future travel.
  • To request a refund, passengers can use the online refund request form or contact customer support.

What is Flixbus?

The low-cost bus travel option

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable way to travel, taking a bus can be your cheapest option. While it may not be as comfortable as a train or plane, you’ll save money to spend elsewhere on your trip.

Extensive network of routes

Flixbus has an extensive network of routes across Europe, making it easy to travel to various destinations. Their buses are easy to spot with their distinctive lime green color, and they usually depart and arrive on time. Whether you’re planning a trip to a major city or a smaller town, chances are there’s a Flixbus that stops nearby. However, please note that Flixbus does not currently operate in the UK and Spain.

Convenient booking process

Booking a Flixbus ticket is quick and easy. Simply select your departure and arrival cities on our website and choose your preferred travel dates. You can also search for different dates and times to find the most affordable options. Book early to take advantage of early bird prices on select routes and save money. And remember, prices tend to increase closer to the travel date, so it’s best to search for tickets well in advance.

Refund Policy

Understanding Flixbus’ refund policy

Flixbus offers refunds for cancelled trips and delays of more than 2 hours. Refunds can be requested by email.

Eligibility for a refund

To be eligible for a refund, you must meet the criteria set by Flixbus. This may include factors such as the type of ticket purchased and the reason for the refund request. Make sure to review Flixbus’ refund policy to understand the specific requirements.

Refund process and timeline

Once you have requested a refund, Flixbus will process it within several weeks.

Circumstances for Refunds

Circumstances for Refunds

Cancelled or delayed trips

Delays are often due to circumstances beyond our control such as traffic, accidents, construction projects, detours, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please ensure that you select an alternate trip that meets your needs in terms of date, time, origin, and destination.

Missed connections

If you miss your connection due to a Flixbus delay, you can ask for a refund.

Unforeseen emergencies

In the event of unforeseen emergencies, such as weather delays or natural disasters, Flixbus does not provide compensation or refunds.

Refund Options

Full refund

If you are eligible for a full refund, Flixbus will refund the entire fare of your ticket. This refund can be in the form of a voucher that you can use for future Flixbus travel.

Partial refund

If you are eligible for a partial refund, you will receive a refund for a portion of the ticket price.

Voucher or credit

If you are unable to get a full refund for your Flixbus ticket, you may be offered a voucher or credit instead. This voucher can be used for future Flixbus bookings and is valid for a period of 12 months. Please note that the voucher has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for its cash value. It can be used over multiple bookings until the value of the voucher is exhausted.

How to Request a Refund

Online refund request

To request a refund online, visit Flixbus’ website and navigate to the refund request form. Fill out the form with the necessary information, including your booking details and reason for the refund. Submit the form and wait for a response from customer support.

Contacting customer support

If the online form doesn’t resolve your issue, reach out to customer support directly. Here’s how:

  • Call the support hotline for immediate assistance.
  • Email for less urgent inquiries or if you prefer written communication.
  • Use live chat on the website for real-time help.

Remember, response times can vary, so be patient. If you don’t hear back, follow up.

Tip: Keep a record of all interactions, including dates and names. This can be crucial if you need to escalate your request.

Providing necessary information

When requesting a refund, make sure to provide all the necessary information, such as your booking details and reason for refund.

Tips for a Successful Refund

Act promptly

When requesting a refund, it’s important to act quickly to ensure a timely response from Flixbus. Submit your refund request as soon as possible to expedite the process.

Keep documentation

Maintaining thorough documentation is crucial for a refund request. Always save your booking confirmation, tickets, and any correspondence with Flixbus. This evidence supports your claim and can expedite the process.

  • Ticket or booking confirmation – the primary proof of purchase.
  • Correspondence – emails or messages regarding your travel.
  • Receipts – for any additional expenses incurred.

Tip: Organize documents by date and type for easy reference during discussions with customer support.

Be polite and persistent

If a customer representative doesn’t offer the result you want, be calm, polite, and persistent. Ask for a manager or supervisor.

Exceptions to Refund Policy

Non-refundable tickets

Non-refundable tickets are marked with “no refund” and cannot be refunded. However, online tickets can be cancelled in exchange for a voucher or credit.

Refunds for promotional fares

Promotional fares are not eligible for refunds. However, in some cases, Flixbus may offer a voucher or credit for future travel.

Refunds for third-party bookings

If you booked your Flixbus ticket through a third-party website or agency, refund requests must be made directly with them. Flixbus is unable to process refunds for tickets purchased through third-party channels.


In conclusion, getting a refund on your Flixbus ticket can be a complicated process. While there are certain circumstances where you may be eligible for a refund, such as delays or cancellations, there are also cases where refunds may not be possible or come with additional fees. It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of your ticket and understand your rights as a passenger. If you encounter any issues, it is recommended to contact Flixbus customer support for assistance. Overall, it is advisable to plan your travel carefully and be aware of the refund policies before booking your Flixbus ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if my Flixbus trip is cancelled?

Yes, if your Flixbus trip is cancelled, you are eligible for a full refund.

What if my Flixbus trip is delayed?

If your Flixbus trip is delayed for more than 120 minutes, you are eligible for a full refund.

What happens if I miss my Flixbus connection?

If you miss your Flixbus connection due to a delay or cancellation, you can request a refund.

Can I get a refund for a non-refundable Flixbus ticket?

No, non-refundable Flixbus tickets are not eligible for a refund.

What refund options are available?

You can receive a full refund, partial refund, or a voucher or credit for future travel.

How can I request a refund from Flixbus?

You can request a refund online or by contacting customer support.


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