Selina Locations across the globe

Selina Locations: Where and How Many in 2024? 

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Selina Locations: Where and How Many in 2024? 

After staying and reviewing two Selina’s, I went to the Selina website on my laptop and tried to see if there were more Selina hostels near me, or at popular destinations near me. Because if you have read my reviews of Selina, you would know that I really liked staying at them. 

However, when I went to the Selina website, I had a lot of issues opening it. Their page wouldn’t load, and I had to download the app. If you don’t want to download the app, it’s quite hard to find all of their location. So, with the help of the Selina app, I have decided to write this article. So you can quickly and easily find all the Selina locations around the world. 

Selina Locations: The Numbers 

There are a total of 114 Selina locations around the world. In the USA & Mexico, there are 18 unique destinations. In Central America, there are 20 unique destinations. South America is the home to 37 unique destinations. In Europe and Israel, there are 32 Selina hostels. Australia has 4 Selina hostels, Asia has 1, and Africa has 2 unique destinations. There are Selina hostels in 25 countries and 6 continents. This makes Selina one of the biggest hostel chains in the world. 

Selina locations in North America in 2023

Selina has had 18 locations throughout North America. They are spread out between Mexico and the USA. There are no Selina hostels in Canada. As of writing this (Sunday, 26th of November 2023) 3 of the 18 Selina hostels in the USA and Mexico have been closed. This might have something to do with the downfall of their stock which went on a free fall after going public through SPAC merger

Selina Locations in Mexico  

At the moment of writing, Selina has 10 locations throughout Mexico. They are mostly in the most touristic areas of Mexico, as you can expect from any hostel chain. These are the 10 Selina locations that are running in 2023. 

1. San Miguel de Allende 

Of course, if you are operating a hostel chain, San Miguel de Allende can not be missing from your locations. San Miguel de Allende was once voted the most beautiful city in the world, and the whole city is a UNESCO heritage site. Selina has a beautiful location in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. 

The Selina location in San Miguel de Allende

2. Mexico City 

The biggest city in all the Americas, Mexico City also has its own Selina branch. Just like the one in San Miguel de Allende, this Selina location is in the downtown area of the city as well. If you are looking for culture, art and maybe even some Lucha Libre, then this Selina should be on your bucket list. 

3. Oaxaca 

If you are a foodie and want to try out a variety of famous Mexican dishes such as Mole, then this is the place for you. Oaxaca is known for being at the center of Mexican cuisine, so it is not strange that also this town has its own Selina location.

4. Sayulita 

When people think of Mexico, they often think about beaches. This Selina location is only an hour away from Puerto Vallarta and is known for its authentic and unique vibe. The buildings here are colorful and it is a major surfing destination. So, grab your Billabong swimming trunk, and your surfboard, and make the trip down south to stay at the Selina in Sayulita. 

5. Puerto Escondido 

If you not only like surfing but also like partying, then the Selina in Puerto Escondido might be the best location for you. Puerto Escondido is a beautiful beach town in the state of Oaxaca, and also relatively close to the city of Oaxaca. 

The Selina location in Puerto Escondido

6. Tulum 

If you say beach holiday in Mexico, you say Tulum. The Selina in Tulum lies between ancient Mayan ruins and a nature reserve. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, at the beach, this is definitely the Selina you should book. 

7. Tulum Downtown 

Tulum does not offer one but two different Selina locations. The one downtown is more for people who are not only trying to relax but also really want to go partying. In downtown Tulum, you can find bars, clubs, restaurants and live music. 

8. Cancun Downtown 

From one famous Mexican beach destination to the other, also Cancun has more than one Selina destination. The one downtown is near the ADO bus stop, so a cheap ride to the beach. This is a great Selina if you are into partying. 

9. Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone 

The other Selina in Cancun is in the hotel zone which is a strip of hotels all directly at the beach. If you are looking to swim in the ocean every day, and do not want to take the bus, then this is the Selina in Cancun for you. 

One of the Selina locations in Cancun, this one is in the hotel zone

10. Selina Isla Mujeres

If you are into the history of hostels around the world, then this is the hostel for you. The Selina in Isla Mujeres was once named PocNa, which was the first hostel in Latin America. This hostel is directly on the beachfront, and they even have an on-site Scuba Instructor Certification Center. 

Selina Mexico Closed locations 

Unfortunately, there are also 2 Selina locations that were closed for unknown reasons. However, after a quick Google search, the one in Guadalajara which is closed now seemed to have closed down because of noise complaints, after a petition was started by neighboring businesses and apartments. 

The other Selina in Playa del Carmen is also closed. There are no reasons to be found why the Selina in Playa del Carmen was closed. There are only some rumors that it might have been because of people asking for a fee from the hostel to stay open. By those people, I don’t mean the government, but the other people in Mexico who sometimes ask for money from businesses. However, that is just a rumor. 

You can find operating hostels in Playa del Carmen below

Selina Locations in the USA  

If you want to travel a bit closer to home, then there are also plenty of options of staying at a Selina in the USA. There are so many beautiful places across the USA where you can visit and have a great time, it must come as no surprise that the USA also has 5 different Selina locations spread across the country. Let’s take a look at the 5 Selina locations in the US. 

1. Selina New Orleans 

Of course, the city of New Orleans can not be left out if you are planning to go on a trip throughout the US. One of the most buzzing cultural hotspots in the country, you should definitely try to look at booking the Selina hostel. This Selina also has a wonderful rooftop bar. 

2. Miami River 

The Miami River location is one of the two Selina locations that Miami hosts. If you are looking to combine relaxing, with partying, this is the hostel for you. There are workshops, outdoor concerts, and barbecues you can attend when you visit this Selina in Florida. The food is also nice, as there is a collaboration with Casa Florida, giving you the best of the Latin cuisine at your disposal. 

3. Miami Gold Dust 

Compared to the Miami River location, this Selina is a bit more relaxed. It’s only a couple of minutes away from Miami Beach, where you can relax and tan. The hostel is surrounded by luxurious boutiques and art galleries. If you want to have more of a luxurious holiday, this is the Selina you should book. 

One of two Selina locations in Miami, this is Miami Gold dust

4. Chelsea New York City 

If you are looking for art galleries in the heart of Manhattan, then this is the Selina for you. The New York City, Selina, is near all the great art galleries in Manhattan. You can explore not only the Big Apple from this Selina but also the bustling culture. 

5. Commodore Astoria 

The US is known for its beautiful and diverse landscapes, which you can find throughout the country. However, Oregon must be topping most people’s list when it comes to the beautiful nature that the US has to offer. From this Selina, you can quickly go to the beach but also start on a variety of hiking trails. 

Selina Locations in The USA that are no longer operating

There are quite a variety of Selina locations in the USA, however, there are a couple of big cities that are missing, such as Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago. Selina did have a Chicago location at one point but unfortunately had to close down. 

The Selina in Chicago was not in a financially viable position, so the owner of the building decided to cut his ties with the popular hostel chain. The location was used for good after that, however, as it has housed homeless families. 

You can find hotels and hostels that are still operating in Chicago below:

Selina Locations in Central America  

Most people who want to go on a holiday abroad, don’t look further than either Mexico or Canada. That’s a shame, as some of the most beautiful countries in the world, are the ones in Central America. Selina knows this as well, that’s why Selina has more than 20 locations in 4 countries spread throughout Central America. Most of these locations are in a small country known for being one of the most diverse countries on earth, Costa Rica. 

Selina Costa Rica Locations  

Costa Rica is a country that has to be on your bucket list. It’s one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. 5 percent of all the species in the world live in this beautiful country. Whether you want to see beaches, jungles, caves, volcanoes, or beautiful waterfalls, this country is home to it all. It may come as no surprise that Costa Rica is one of the countries with the most Selina locations, in contrast to the USA and Mexico, none of the locations in Costa Rica are closed, which brings the total of Selina locations in Costa Rica to 10. 

1. Tamarindo 

The Selina in Costa Rica lies in between two beautiful Costa Rican beaches. This is the perfect place for someone who wants to go surfing in Costa Rica, even if you are still a beginner because this Selina even has its own surf school, perfect for people of all levels. 

The Selina location in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

2. Nosara 

The Selina in Nosara also lies close to the beach at just one Kilometer, which is a bit over half a mile. If you are looking to find yourself in Costa Rica, this might be a better stay for you. This Selina hosts cacao ceremonies and tribal drumming sessions. 

3. Monteverde 

The name might give a hint, but this Selina lies in the forest. It’s in a lodge amongst leafy trails. If you came to Costa Rica to see the biodiversity in the country, this might be the perfect Selina for you. You can spot rare bird species in this Selina, and spot a variety of other animals that like to hide in the forest. 

4. La Fortuna 

As I wrote earlier, Costa Rica literally has something for every single type of traveler. In the Selina of La Fortuna, you have beautiful views of the Arenal Volcano. Besides that, you can also go on a horseback ride through the forest. 

5. Santa Teresa North 

This Selina location in Costa Rica is also surrounded by forests. However, Selina also has unique offerings such as swimming with sharks and its own holistic center. Besides that, you can also get a variety of local artisanal products at the shop in the Selina in Santa Teresa north. 

6. Santa Teresa South 

There is also a Selina in Santa Teresa South. This one also hosts a variety of unique activities. You can go whale watching, kayaking, or fishing in this Selina. It’s definitely worth to also take a look at this Selina, especially if you have kids as this destination is kid-friendly! 

7. Jaco 

If you are looking to stay in the beautiful surfers’ paradise of Jaco, then Selina also has an option for you. This location has a view of Miro’s mountain in the background and is a walking distance away from the beach. You can also easily go to the town center from this location and go to one of the natural attractions Jaco has to offer. 

8. San José 

San José can not be missing from the list of locations of Selina. Although this city is not as big of a tourist attraction as other places in Costa Rica, it’s still worth a visit. Especially because this Selina is in the center of the historical Barrio Otoya. Here you can find a plethora of cultural hotspots and beautiful nature. 

9. Manuel Antonio 

The Selina in Manuel Antonio is one of the prettiest Selina locations in the world. You can explore the jungle from this Selina, and it does not only have 1, 2 but 3 pools. You can spend your days relaxing in the jungle garden or go and explore nature. A perfect blend of nature and relaxation. 

The Selina location in Manuel Antonio

10. Puerto Viejo 

The last on this list, but definitely not the least on this list. This Selina accommodation is built directly on the front of Cahuita National Park. You can also explore waterfalls, and the beach, and go snorkeling when staying at the Selina in Puerto Viejo. Embrace the jungle and stay in the locally made teepees. 

Selina locations in Guatemala  

Guatemala might be one of the most underrated countries, I have ever visited and that’s after visiting more than 20 countries. The nature, the lakes, the volcanoes, and the architecture. Everything in this small country is beautiful, except for their capital city, but that is a story for another time. Guatemala has two different Selina locations, and I have stayed in both. These are the two Selina locations in Guatemala

1. Antigua

Antigua is a beautiful town, about an hour away from the nation’s capital Guatemala City. The whole town is a UNESCO heritage site because of it is unique architecture, with colonial buildings. Antigua also has beautiful nature in its surrounding area. You can go hike one of the volcanoes or stand on the beautiful viewpoints of Alta Mira. If you are a big Lord of the Rings fan, you can even go to Hobbetenango, a small village with hobbit houses. 

Read our complete Selina Antigua review. 

2. Lake Atitlán 

Lake Atitlán is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to. This beautiful gigantic lake lies in between 3 volcanoes. If you are more into partying, then this is the Selina location for you. It even has its own beach bar, and it is just an all-round beautiful location, especially for a luxury hostel like Selina. 

Read our complete Selina Lake Atitlán review here.

Selina Locations in Nicaragua  

Nicaragua might not be one of the first countries that comes to mind when thinking about a holiday abroad. However, this small country in Central America also has a lot to offer to its visitors. Unlike Costa Rica, Nicaragua doesn’t have a lot of tourism yet, which can make it more of an authentic experience when you visit. That’s why Selina has two unique locations in Nicaragua. 

1. Granada 

The Selina in Granada lies in the heart of the cultural hotspot of Granada. That’s however not the only thing that you can see in this beautiful town. You can spot the Mombacho Volcano, and the Nebliselva forest and even go to Lake Nicaragua. Which is a beautiful lake with volcanoes. Which is apparently quite common in Central America, I am talking to you Guatemala. 

The Selina location in Granada, Nicararagua

2. Maderas

Do you want to hear the sounds of howler monkeys? Those monkeys that make noises, that make you expect to get eaten by the devil, but actually, they are really cute and small. Then this is the right place for you. The Selina in Maderas lies close to the beach and close to the Nicaraguan jungle. It’s only an 18-minute walk away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America, Playa Marsella. 

Selina Locations in Panama   

Often only known as a tax paradise, Panama has a lot more to offer. This country has beautiful white beaches and beautiful nature. It was also the first country in the world with a Selina location as Selina started here, as of 2023 they have 6 locations in the country. So, grab your invoices, annual statements, and surfboard, and let’s see what the Selina locations in Panama have to offer. 

1. Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon 

This Selina hostel is located on the Panamanian Archipelago’s main island. Meaning that there is natural beauty all around. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and go on kayaking tours. You can also enjoy the greenery that this beautiful Selina location in Panama enjoys. 

Selina Bocas del Toro, in Isla Colon, Panama

2. Bocas del Toro, Red Frog 

The other Selina location in Bocas del Toro is a bit more secluded. This beautiful location lies in the heart of the jungle. If you want to explore the jungle of Panama, this is the right Selina for you. This Selina also has secret beaches where you can enjoy many different activities. 

3. Boquete 

Maybe, Selina’s stock isn’t doing too bad after all. This is the first Selina on the list that hasn’t opened yet. The Selina in Boquete will open on December 25th 2023. This Selina has the only coworking in town and is surrounded by pretty coffee shops. Ideal for the digital nomad. 

4. Casco Viejo, Panama City 

If you love partying, then you need to visit Panama City. What better place to party in Panama City than a digital nomad-friendly Selina? This location has an outdoor pool and a lot of parties and music. A core part of the Panamanian culture. 

5. Playa Venao 

Most people go to Panama for the beautiful beaches. Well, at the Selina in Playa Venao, you will get exactly that. This Selina has its own pool, but you can easily go and explore Playa Venao. The hostel is surrounded by palm trees and surf shacks, so you will really get that tropical holiday feeling. For anyone into the history of Selina, this is also a great location as it was actually the first Selina location ever. 

The Selina location in Playa Venao

6. Venao River 

Playa Venao is not the only Selina that you can find in Venao. Because not even a mile away there is another Selina in Venao, Venao River. This one is also just a walking distance away from the beautiful beach and includes the best coworking space in town. Which is quite an accomplishment, since this one is in the heart of the jungle. 

Selina locations in South America  

It is almost every backpacker and digital nomad’s dream to spend some time in South America. The buzzing cities of Colombia, the jungle in Brazil, or the mountains in Peru, Chile, or Argentina. South America has a continent has a lot to offer its visitors. It may come as no surprise that this is the region with the most Selina hostels, totaling more than 35, spread over 8 different countries. 

Selina locations in Argentina 

There are not many countries that can combine beautiful nature with bustling streets and big cities. Argentina is one of the countries that can. Whether you want to go on the most amazing hikes or want to visit cities with as much life comparable to New York. Argentina has it all. There are 4 Selina locations in Argentina, spread out throughout the country.

1. Salta

The Selina in Salta is on the main street, Balcarce, and puts you close to everything that Salta offers. Whether that is colonial architecture or vibrant bars and restaurants when you stay at this Selina, everything will be near. An amazing place for a city trip in Argentina. I will have to be honest, this is not the prettiest Selina in the world, but it definitely has a great location. 

2. Nueva Córdoba 

One of the other cities in Argentina, and a city you must have heard of if you are planning to travel to Argentina, is Córdoba. This city is known for being the center of culture and art. The Selina hostel in Córdoba is in the neighborhood of Nueva Córdoba, where you can find beautiful buildings and a buzzing nightlife. This Selina even has a pool!  

3. Bariloche 

I told you that Argentina has something for everyone. If you want to explore the beautiful mountains and lakes of Argentina, this is the Selina you have to book. Hang out at the wellness center, or go skiing. This is the place you need to go to if you want to explore the beautiful nature of Argentina. 

The Selina location in Bariloche, Argentina

4. Palermo Soho 

Of course, the capital of this beautiful country can not be missing, Buenos Aires also has its own Selina location. Palermo is the best neighborhood to stay at when you are going to visit Buenos Aires. You will sure have a lot of fun and make friends when you get to this Selina. 

Selina Locations in Bolivia  

If you have ever thought about visiting Bolivia, then you can also visit Selina. Because Selina has a presence in Bolivia as well. The country is known for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Whether you want to see the rainforest, mountains, or salt flats. Bolivia is home to it all. Selina has one location in Bolivia. 

1. La Paz 

If you have only one location in a country, there is a high chance that location is in the capital. Selina, La Paz is tucked in between mountains and is just a short walk away from historical monuments and cultural hotspots. From this Selina, you can take excursions to the beautiful salt flats that Bolivia has to offer, and many more activities. 

The Selina location in La Paz, Bolivia

Selina locations in Brazil 

It may come as no surprise that Brazil has the most amount of Selina locations in South America. The biggest country on the continent offers a variety of things to explore. Whether that is the beach or the Amazon, you will always find something you enjoy here. The country of Brazil has a total of 9 Selina locations. 

2. Bonito 

The name says it all because this place is really “bonito”. Bonito is a hub for ecotourism and for general lovers of natural beauty. This beautiful area as it all, natural aquariums, waterfalls, and caves. Bonito is known for its crystal clear rivers, where you can go snorkeling and see a big variety of different species of fish. 

The Selina site in Bonito, Brazil

3. Foz

Another great place to visit in Brazil is Foz, or Foz do Iguaçu. This city is home to one of the biggest waterfalls in the world, the Iguaçu Falls. A waterfall that stretches more than 7.2 kilometers, or almost 4.5 miles. If you want your breath taken away by natural beauty, then this is the Selina you should visit. 

3. Madalena São Paulo

A lot of people who want to visit Brazil, want to visit their megacities. One of those megacities is São Paulo. São Paulo does not only have one but two Selina hostels. The first one is in the trendy area of Vila Madalena. This is the perfect place to stay if you want to visit art galleries and organic markets. 

4. Aurora São Paulo 

The other Selina location, in São Paulo, is called Aurora São Paulo. This Selina is in a restored building and gives you a blend of old and modern. If you want to visit the Boho cafés and speakeasy bars of São Paulo, Selina Aurora is the perfect hostel for you. 

5. Floripa

Selina Floripa, is short for Florianópolis. The famous beach city. This city offers it all, and so does its Selina. Whether you want to go snorkeling or go surfing at the famous Praia Mole, you can do about anything at this Selina. 

6. Paraty 

The town of Paraty lies between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and is a hidden gem for anyone who loves architecture and nature. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its colonial architecture and functioning as a port during the Brazilian Gold Rush. Since it is off the beaten path, the nature surrounding this town remains largely untouched. 

Aerial view of the Selina in Paraty, Brazil

7. Lapa, Rio de Janeiro 

If you say Brazil, you say Rio de Janeiro, if you say Rio de Janeiro, you say Carnival. If you are not sure where to stay and want to celebrate carnival in Brazil, you are in luck. Because this megacity, with a population of 6.7 million people and a metropolitan population of over 12 million people, also has its own Selina.  

8. Copacabana 

The other Selina in Rio de Janeiro is located on its world-famous beach, Copacabana. If you want to spend your days relaxing at the beach, this is the place for you. Be aware though, as a city with this big of a population will have a lot of people staying at their beach. Don’t expect them to be empty. 

9. Buzios 

If you want to go to a beach resort, instead of the beach of one of the biggest cities in all the Americas then this is the perfect spot for you. The Selina in Armação dos Búzios has everything to offer and more for people who want to spend their holidays relaxing, snorkeling, and enjoying a coastal paradise. 

Selina locations in Chile  

Chile might not be the first country you think about when you want to visit South America. However, it should be way higher on your bucket list. This country, like so many countries in Latin America, boasts many of the most beautiful national parks and reserves in the world. As of 2023, Selina has one location in Chile, and it is not in its capital, Santiago. 

1. Pucón 

Pucón is one of the most beautiful towns in the world. It is surrounded by mountains with snowy tops, and a beautiful lake. When you go to the Selina in Pucón, you can also visit Los Alerces National Park and visit one of Menetue’s hot springs. A beautiful Selina, in the beautiful town of Pucón. 

The interior of the Selina in Pucón, Chile

Selina Locations in Colombia  

Colombia is obviously known for its shady past with Pablo Escobar and a lot of misery because of the war on drugs. However, a lot has changed since then and it is now one of the hottest destinations in South America, a truly emerging tourist destination for travelers and digital nomads alike. Colombia is known for its cities that go up into the mountains, its reggaeton music, and its partying. It will not come as a surprise that Selina has 8 locations in this country as of 2023, leaving only Brazil with more locations in South America. 

1. Cartagena 

Cartagena is a beautiful port city directly on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The city is known for its walled old town. Because of the climate, it is also a very popular beach destination. If you want to spend your days laying at the beach, and your nights drinking and partying, then Cartagena is the perfect place for you. Cartagena has one Selina hostel, and it is a pretty one. 

2. Palomino 

If you are looking for the best surfing spot in Colombia, Selina has got you covered as well. Palomino is known for some of the best waves in Colombia. Furthermore, this Selina is also close to a plethora of different natural parks. Selina Palomino is the ideal location for people who want to be close to nature. 

3. Medellín 

Medellín was once known as the epicenter of the cartel wars in Colombia. However, ever since the army raided a lot of the poorer neighborhoods to get rid of the Medellín Cartel, the city has been emerging as one of the top travel destinations in Colombia. This city screams live music, salsa music, and late-night partying, and the Selina in Medellín embraces that with its own recording studio. 

4. Quindio 

Selina does a lot better in South America than it does in North America if we just take a look at the Selina in Quindio. This Selina is going to be the Selina for coffee lovers as it will have its own coffee plantation. Coffee from this plantation will be made sustainable and together with local communities. The Selina in Quindo will open its doors on March 1, 2024. 

5. Villa De Leyva 

If you are looking to stay in a dry tropical forest (before writing this article, I didn’t even know this was a thing) then the Selina in Villa de Leyva is the perfect Selina location for you. You can find vineyards nearby and can also go horseback riding. If you want to embrace the indigenous culture of this area of Colombia, you can do so through meditation, yoga, and wellness. 

6. Bogota, Chapinero 

If you were not convinced of Colombia being an up-and-coming travel destination, this will make you aware. Bogota has three different Selina locations. In the heart of the start-up district Zona Rosa, lays Selina Bogota Chapinero. If you are into techno music, you can go to the mega club Theatron which is nearby. 

One of three Selina destinations in Bogota, Chapinero

7. Bogota Parque de la 93 

Selina Parque 93, is just a couple of blocks away from Bogota’s famous Parque de la 93. If you are looking for the authentic Bogota experience this might be the best choice for you. There is fresh street food nearby as well as artisan workshops. If you are looking for this type of experience, then you should go to this Selina location. 

8. Bogota, La Candelaria 

If you are more into architecture then this is the perfect Selina Location for you. Selina, Bogota, La Candelaria is in the middle of the historic center of the city. You can see the mountains of the Andes or admire the beautifully restored colonial buildings. 

Selina Locations in Ecuador  

Ecuador is an often overlooked country for people traveling in South America, but also this country has a variety of things to offer. You can go on adventures such as ziplining, or explore the Amazon Basin. As of 2023, Selina has 5 different locations spread throughout Ecuador. 

1. Montañita 

Montañita is a buzzing surfer village in Ecuador, it may come as no surprise that Selina has a hostel here. This city is known for its nightlife and amazing surf spots. If you don’t want to go surfing but still want to do a fun activity at the sea, this little village also has other activities at the sea such as whale watching. Plenty of fun, for you and your fellow travelers. 

2. Quito 

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, Selina has found its way here as well. A beautiful hostel located in the heart of the city. This Selina also has some unique features like its very own barber shop. If you are looking to stay in the middle of the Andes then this is the Selina for you. 

3. Baños 

The Selina location in Baños is for all thrillseekers who are reading this article. If you want to be surrounded by greenery, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains this is the Selina for you. You can do extreme watersports or visit the icy waterfalls. 

One of the Selina destinations in Ecuador, Baños

4. Amazon Tena 

Ecuador also has its own Selina location in the Amazon jungle. This Selina is located between the Napa River and the rainforest, and the hostel is a jungle lodge. If you are looking to go trekking, rafting, or kayaking in Ecuador, this would be one of the best Selina’s for you. 

5. Cuenca 

Another relatively big city in Ecuador, Cuenca has its own Selina location. This Selina is in the style of the locals, with alpaca blankets and hand-dyed rugs. You can also find enough activities in the Selina in Cuenca. There are trips to the Incapirca’s ruins as well as trekking through the Cajas National Park. Perfect, for a very active holiday. 

Selina Locations in Peru

Almost every traveler who goes to South America wants to visit the country of Peru. Usually, this is for only one reason; Machu Picchu. However, because of the geographical location of the country, there are a lot more beautiful places to visit. That’s why Selina has 7 locations in Peru as of 2023. 

1. Mancora 

The Selina in Mancora is located right next to the beach. Which means that there is a lot of partying going on in this Selina. This Selina is not kid-friendly as guests need to be 18 years or older. This is not that strange, as this location is known for its nightly programming, which might not be the best environment for children. 

2. Huaraz

Peru is also getting one more Selina location, and this is not a joke but the Selina in Huaraz will start accepting guests on the first of April in 2024. This Selina will be the perfect Selina for people who want to see the natural beauty that Peru has to offer. You can find glaciers, lagoons, and trekking routes in the surrounding areas of this Selina. 

3. Miraflores, Lima 

One of the two Selina locations in Miraflores in Lima, and that is not strange as this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Lima. This Selina combines retro charm and modern-day Lima. This Selina has plenty of art galleries and coffee shops nearby. 

The Selina location in Miraflores, Peru

4. Posada Miraflores, Lima 

This Selina location is mostly known for its beautifully designed rooms. However, you can also do some fun activities at this Selina. You can go to the beautiful beach of Lima, and get surf lessons. Besides that, the best local restaurants in Lima are nearby as well. 

5. Cusco Saphi 

Cusco is the home of two different Selina locations as well, just like Lima. That is not strange as Cusco is one of the other cities that most people visit when they go to Peru. The Selina Location, Cusco Saphi, is close to some of the cultural hotspots of the city such as museums and stalls of textiles. 

6. Cusco Plaza de Armas

The other Selina location in Cusco lies directly in the historical center of the city and one of the most famous squares in South America, Plaza de Armas. This was the center of the continent-wide empire by the Spaniards. If you want to stay in the historic center of this beautiful city then this is the perfect Selina location for you. 

Selina in Cusco, Plaza de Armas

7. Arequipa 

If you are looking to visit volcanoes in Peru, then the Selina location in Arequipa is the right one for you. This Selina is surrounded by three volcanoes, and the town is full of baroque-style buildings. You can also hike the Colca Canyon or the Ruta del Sillar here. 

Selina Locations in Uruguay  

If you are looking to explore a bit of South America without the dangers, then this is the country you should visit. Uruguay has constantly ranked as the safest country in South America. However, safety is not the only reason why you should visit this country. Uruguay is also known for its vineyards and beautiful luxurious beaches. 

1. Montevideo 

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, and Selina has found herself here in a building with mezzanines overlooking the ocean. You can eat a variety of meat-based street food here, or explore the city. Montevideo is a laid-back city, so if that is what you are into, then this is the right Selina for you. 

2. Punta del Este 

Selina Punta del Este is just a small walk away from the beautiful beaches that this seaside town has to offer. This Selina branch is also close to the vibrant main street. This is Uruguay’s very own surfer destination.

The Selina location in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Selina Locations in Europe  

Selina has 18 locations spread out throughout Europe. Well if you believe Selina themselves they actually have 32 locations in Israel and Europe. However, since I love geography I am going to count Israel to its correct continent, which is Asia. So, it will only be 18 locations in Europe in this article

If you are looking to stay at Selina in some of Europe’s coolest destinations, then Selina has a variety of great destinations to its availability. 

Selina Locations in Austria  

If you want to visit the beautiful mountains of the Austrian Alps in 2023 while staying at a Selina you’re in some bad luck. Although Selina did have a location Bad Gastein, that location is unfortunately closed as of writing (26 November 2023). 

There is no clear evidence as to why the Selina in Bad Gastein is closed. However, reports say that it is because the stock of Selina is massively underperforming. As a result of the underperforming stock, Selina has closed a few of their locations and laid off a big chunk of their staff in June of 2023

Selina Locations in Germany  

If you have a hostel chain, that’s targeted to travelers and digital nomads then you can obviously not forget about one of the most progressive countries, in Europe, Germany. This country is known for being tech-friendly, and start-up friendly, and one of the hotspots for finance in Europe. Germany has only one Selina location as of writing, which is their Berlin location. 

1. Berlin 

Of course, if you are going to only have one location in Germany, it has to be Berlin. The techno and start-up capital of the country has its own Selina location. It is located in Berlin Mitte, which is the center of Berlin, and the historic neighborhood of the city. This part of the city is known for its historical sights such as the Brandenburg Gate. 

The Selina Property in Berlin Mitte

Selina Locations in Greece  

Beautiful white beaches, the Greek empire, and last but not least, the set for Mamma Mia! Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Here, you can find beautiful lakes and some of the most beautiful natural reserves. At the moment of writing this, Selina only has one location in this country, but there are plans to open more. 

1. Theatrou Athens 

The only Selina in Greece that is open at the moment, is the one located at the world-famous theater square of Athens. In this Selina location, you can live like a local and experience everything that Athens has to offer to its visitors. 

The rooftop of the Theatrou Athens location

2. Kaminous Evia 

This Selina location has not been opened yet but will open on April 5th, 2024. The location is top-notch, as it is in the center of the fishing village of Limni. It will be the beachfront property of Selina in Greece on Evia island. You will be able to catch rays and explore local trails. 

3. Paros 

The other Selina location that will open in Greece in 2024, on April 12 will be Paros. This property is on the Cycladic island of Paros. The location is world-renowned for kitesurfing, perfect for watersport aficionados. You will be able to do kitesurfing, snorkeling, and SUP activities on this site. 

Selina Locations in Portugal  

Portugal might be the digital nomad hotspot of Europe. With flexible and advantageous laws, it is one of the epicenters of the digital nomad movement around the world, whether that is good or bad. Portugal has six different Selina sites and one opens in February of 2024. 

1. Peniche 

Peniche was once a famous fishing port in Portugal, near Lisbon. However, in the eighties, a lot of surfers came here. Now it is the surfing capital of Portugal and one of the surfing capitals of the world. The Selina in Peniche has its own Mediterranean restaurant and is close to one of the most famous surf beaches in the world. 

2. Porto 

Porto is one of the fastest-growing city trip destinations in Europe and for a good reason. This beautiful seaside city in the north of Portugal is the home of port wine and has some of the most amazing seafood in the world. So good, that I, and I don’t like most seafood, have eaten some of the best dishes I have ever eaten in this city. Selina Porto is only a short walk away from Riberia, the waterside district of Porto. 

The Selina Porto location

3. Boavista Ericeira 

Portugal does not have one but two Selina locations in surfing hotspots. Boavista Ericeira is perfect for people who are looking for an adventure. This location is also known for its gigantic waves. You can take on these waves at Pedra Blanca. However that is not the only thing that you can do at this Selina location. You can also go rock climbing or if you want to have a more relaxed day, go wine tasting. 

4. Gerês

Gerês is a town in the northeast of Portugal, close to the Peneda-Gerès national park, and just above the Cávado River. It is also close to Albufeira Beach. Yes, that’s right. There are two Albufeira beaches in Portugal. One in the south, in the party town of Albufeira. This Albufeira beach, however, is a lakeside beach in the North East of Portugal. 

5. Secret Garden, Lisbon 

Lisbon might be the actual city where the digital nomad movement started in Europe. A beautiful Western European city with all the luxury that cities like London and Amsterdam give, but with warm weather for a way cheaper price. Unfortunately, the way cheaper part is not true anymore. However, this is still one of the most popular cities for digital nomads. It comes as no wonder that Selina has a location in the trendy district of Portugal’s capital. 

The swimming pool on Selina Lisbon, secret garden

6. Evora 

This Selina site is lays in the center of Portugal and is one of Portugal’s warmest areas. It is near the historic center of the city which is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. The property sits by Porta de Alconchel’s 14th-century walls. A must-visit for the history buff, looking to explore one of Portugal’s most historic cities. 

7. Milfontes 

This Selina location will open its doors on February 1st, 2024. It will also be the first Selina property in Portugal, that will be in the Southern part of the country. Like many other, Selina locations in Portugal, this site will be on the beachside. However, it will be one of the only Selina’s across the world that is going to have a hot tub and a pool. 

Selina Locations in The United Kingdom  

Who doesn’t want to visit the United Kingdom at least once in their lives? Although the weather is not always great, the United Kingdom is on almost every traveler’s bucket list. This is because of the beautiful rocky landscapes and the amazing history the United Kingdom has to offer. Selina has five locations in the United Kingdom, with plans to open one more in 2024. 

1. Liverpool 

If you are looking to go to the United Kingdom for music history, then the Liverpool location can not be missing from your list. As the home of The Beatles and a variety of other legendary musicians, you have to go to this destination. Also for sports lovers, Liverpool has things to offer, you can visit a soccer match of Everton, or go to the historic Anfield and sing “You Will Never Walk Alone” from the top of your lungs. 

The interior of the Selina Liverpool location

2. NQ1 Manchester 

Manchester, relatively close to Liverpool also has a Selina site. This Selina is in a refurbished Victorian building. Just like the Selina in Liverpool, this location also has its own coffee shop. If you are looking to tour galleries or go to one of the many gastro pubs that Manchester has to offer, this might be the Selina for you. 

3. Birmingham 

Birmingham might not be the first on your list when you are visiting England. However, this industrial city has a lot of cool spots. The Selina in Birmingham was originally a factory but now has an artisanal cafe. It is styled with contemporary, and experimental art. If you want to go on a walk along the famous Dudley canal this is a good option for you. 

4. London, Camden 

The Selina in London is located in Camden, which is one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the capital of England. Camden has something to offer to everyone, live music, urban clothing stores, and the London Zoo. It also has Camden Market and one of the most well-connected subway stations in London.

The outside of the Selina location in Camden, London


5. Brighton 

Brighton might be even more famous than Liverpool for its music scene. This seaside town was at the forefront of the indie-rock music scene in England. Rizzle Kicks, the Kooks, and the Architects all started in this town on the southern coast of England.  It is also known for its progressive culture and amazing artists busking on the streets. If that sounds enjoyable to you, then this is a great Selina location for you. 

6. Margate

Margate is the only Selina location in the United Kingdom that Selina is planning to open in 2024. If everything goes according to plan, this site should open on March 1st, 2024. It will lay on Kent’s Northern Coast in the South East of England. This seafront spot is perfect for anyone who wants to experience this creative town in the United Kingdom. 

Selina Locations in Asia  

According to Selina, Selina has only one location open in Asia in 2023. However, since Israel is really a part of Asia instead of Europe. Selina actually has a lot more locations in Asia. There are a total of fourteen Selina locations in Asia, with one location in Israel that unfortunately had to be closed due to financial circumstances. 

Selina Locations in Israel  

It may come as no surprise, but Israel is the country with the most amount of hostels of the popular hostel chain. Selina is led by two Israeli-born founders. There are a total of twelve Selina sites in Israel and one has been closed down. If you are wondering what Selina in Israel to book, please be aware of the dangerous situation currently going on in the country. Because of the Hamas terrorist attacks and the rising tensions between Israel and other countries in the Middle East. 

1. Mantur West Galilee 

This Selina site is in the Kibbutz Lohamey HaGetaot. Mantur West Galilee is surrounded by nature and tourist attractions. Such as Shavey Tzion Beach, and the City of Akko. If you are a foodie, then this might be the perfect option for you as it also is in the heart of the culinary scene, and near boutique wineries. 

The couch in the Selina Property, Mantur West Galilee

2. Mantur Beit Oren 

This Selina location is one of the many across the world which are near a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This property is a pastoral ecosystem in the heart of the Carmel Mountain Range. You can also easily visit Haifa City, The Ecological Fairy Forest, and Atlit Beach.

3. Mantur Parod by Selina 

This is the only Selina location, that has “by Selina” in its name, so you know it has to be a special one. The site is nestled in the mountains of the Galilee. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing stay, then this is the place for you. 

4. Alaya 

The Selina in Alaya is a hostel that is designed as a village, it lies in the middle of the country near Poleg beach. This hostel consists of 7 dunams, with workshops for the mind and the body. You can be at the beach within 2 minutes, and there are also spacious studios. 

5. Kinneret 

This Selina site is directly on the beach at the Galilee Sea, which might cause some confusion as the Galilee Sea is actually a lake. However, that doesn’t mean that this is not a great location to swim and enjoy nature while doing activities at your Selina hostel. 

6. Frishman Tel Aviv 

If you want to go to Israel, Tel Aviv is one of the cities you have to visit. This Selina location is in the center of the action and will give you all the cool vibes that Tel Aviv has to offer. A vibrant culture and an amazing nightlife are directly at your disposal. 

7. Tel Aviv Beach 

If you would rather spend your days in Tel Aviv chilling by the beautiful beaches that the city has to offer, then Selina also has a site near the beachfront of the city. This location also has access to the nightlife that the city has to offer, but a more laidback beachy vibe. 

The Selina location in Tel Aviv beach

8. Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv has three different Selina properties. The last one lies in the Bohemian neighborhood. You can go on strolls through the narrow streets and explore the unique architecture. 

9. Mantur Jerusalem Mountains 

If you want to visit Jerusalem, but don’t want to spend too much on the stay then this is the perfect Selina for you. This location is a 10-minute drive away from the historic city and is in between the beautiful mountains next to Jerusalem. 

10. Mantur Almog Dead Sea 

This Selina can be found near the desert in the Jordan Rift Valley. It is located close to the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea. You can explore the nature of this beautiful area, or go to the Dead Sea to take a plunge in the water. Please be aware that there are rising tensions between Jordan and Israel after Jordan recalled its ambassador to Israel. It might not be safe to book this location at this time. 

11. Desert Garden Ramon 

Just like Selina Mantur Amog Dead Sea, Selina Desert Garden Ramon is also located in the desert. It is located near the Ramon crater, so you can also visit this attraction. It has outdoor lounges and a coffee bar. 

12. Ramon by Glow 

This Selina location in Israel is also located at the Ramon Crater. However, this one might be a bit more unique as Ramon by Glow is literally inside of the Ramon Crater. If you are looking for a glamping experience, then the tents of Selina Ramon by Glow will be the right option for you. 

13. Tzukim 

Another Selina location in one of the deserts of Israel is Selina Tzukim. This location is located in the Arava Desert, a desert on the Jordan and Israel border. Just like the other Selina near the Jordan border, caution is advised when you want to book at this Selina. 

Closed down Selina locations in Israel in 2023 

Although the founders of Selina are Israeli, and it is the country where Selina has its biggest presence, there is unfortunately also a closed-down location in Israel. The closed-down location in Israel was called Mantur Metula, located in the northernmost town. It might be better that it is closed down at the moment, because of the Hezbollah attacks hitting the northern towns of Israel. 

Selina Locations in Thailand  

Another extremely popular destination for travelers, digital nomads, backpackers, and basically everyone who wants to travel through Asia or South-Eastern Asia is Thailand. This country is known for being the digital nomad hotspot of Asia. Selina has one location in this beautiful country at the moment of writing. 

1. Serenity Rawai Phuket 

After Bangkok, Phuket might be the most visited city in Thailand. This beautiful beach city surrounded by nature and the sea, gives you the perfect combination between relaxation and adventure. From this Selina location, you can go to different islands and also do water sports. A perfect blend of calmness and adventure.  

The Selina location in Phuket

Selina Locations in Australia  

Selina has its presence on every continent, it also has its sites in Australia. However, that is the only country they currently have a presence in, in Oceania. At the moment of writing Selina has 4 locations in Australia, with no active plans to open up a new location either in Australia, New Zealand, or one of the surrounding islands which are part of the continent. 

1. Brisbane 

Brisbane is an iconic Australian city between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast on Australia’s Eastern Side. Brisbane is also the capital of the Australian state of Queensland. It is known for its active life, with always something to do, and its beautiful weather. It comes as no surprise that Selina has a location in the heart of this city. 

2. Magnetic Island 

If you want to go to Queensland but don’t want to busy city life, then this Selina location is perfect for you. For those who love snorkeling and staying in a tropical paradise, this is the Selina for you. You are also near the iconic Horseshoe Bay, and the trees surrounding this location ALS have koalas hanging out in them. 

The Selina site on Magnetic Island in Australia

3. St Kilda Melbourne 

There are multiple iconic cities in Australia, and Melbourne is one of them. There is a good chance that’s why Selina has two different locations in this beautiful, modern city in the state of Victoria. The St Kilda location lies in the modern seaside suburb of St Kilda. 

4. Central Melbourne 

Central Melbourne is the last of the Selina locations in Australia, but most definitely not the least. This site is located in the heart of the action of the buzzing city on Australia’s southern coast. It is in between the businesses, art galleries, and other cultural hotspots. 

Selina Locations in Africa  

Just like Asia and Australia, Africa also is a continent that remains largely uncovered by one of the world’s biggest hostel chains. That is a shame, as Africa has a lot of natural beauty and culture to offer to its visitors. At the moment of writing Selina has only 2 locations in Africa which are both located in Morocco. 

Selina Locations in Morocco  

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in Africa, and that is for a reason. Whether you want to stay at the beautiful beaches or see some of the world’s oldest mosques. Morocco can offer relaxation, culture, and history to its visitors. Besides that, it is also known to have one of the best cuisines in the world, which you can obviously combine with some of the tea that the country is famous for. Morocco has two unique Selina locations. 

1. Dakhla 

If you have ever wanted to stay directly on the edge of a lagoon. Then this is the right Selina property for you. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Western Sahara and is a haven for people who are looking for quietness and calmness. You can even go sandboarding when you visit this Selina location. 

Selina Dakhla, one of two Selina locations in Morocco

2. Nomad Camp Agafay 

If you want to stay near Marrakech, but don’t want the business of this big city then Nomad Camp Agafay is the best Selina option for you. It is located between the canyons of Agafaysm and has beautiful scenic views of the mountains of the Atlas. Go camel riding or just experience the tranquility this location has to offer. 

Selina locations

As you can see, Selina still has plenty of locations throughout the world. Even though the stock of the Israeli company is not performing at its best. There are a lot of new Selina openings planned for the year 2024. Read through the article and see which of the different Selina locations is perfect for your holiday or digital nomad journey.

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