What to Do in Puebla: 10 Unforgettable Experiences 

What to Do in Puebla: 10 Unforgettable Experiences 

Welcome to the charming city of Puebla. It is the capital of Puebla state and the fourth-largest city in Mexico. Nestled among the stunning landscapes of central Mexico, Puebla offers a wealth of unique experiences that will leave you spellbound. Just to give you some context, Puebla is situated at the foot of one of Mexico’s highest volcanoes, Popocatépetl, situated in the Valley of Cuetlaxcoapan. 

So now that I have your interest, let’s dive in and see the top 10 things to do in Puebla!

1. Embark on a Taco Trail

I can’t have enough of tacos, and when in Mexico you have to go around and taste the tacos of each city. Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors as you embark on a taco trail through the streets of Puebla. You will discover flavors that you never had before. From the traditional pastor to the exotic chapulines (grasshoppers). Let the aromas and textures of these delectable tacos guide you through the city’s vibrant culinary scene. This is on top of my list for a reason, so please go ahead and go for the taco trail. 

2. Marvel at the Architectural Marvels

Puebla has preserved its great religious structures. From the 16th-17th century cathedrals, old archbishops palace to houses with walls covered in tiles (azulejos). You will see a fusion of European and American styles which are peculiar to the Baroque district of Puebla. So yes, when in Puebla, stroll through the historic center and admire the intricate tiles of the Talavera-decorated facades. And don’t miss the jaw-dropping Puebla Cathedral, with its towering spires and awe-inspiring interior. You will not even get tired of clicking pictures of these architectural beauties. 

3. Conquer the Great Pyramid of Cholula

Unleash your inner adventurer and conquer the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the largest pyramid in the world by volume. Challenge yourself and climb the ancient steps to reach the summit, where you get marvelous views of the surroundings. You can go inside and explore the narrow and dark tunnels. It is truly an adventure. Just imagine the history behind the pyramid’s walls! Oh and if you’re claustrophobic, just avoid this activity and stay outside. 

3. Conquer the Great Pyramid of Cholula

4. Craft Your Own Talavera Masterpiece

Join a Talavera pottery workshop and get creative as you learn the intricate techniques and vibrant colors that define this traditional craft. Design and paint your own Talavera masterpiece, and take home a tangible piece of Puebla’s artistic legacy. This has to be the best souvenir for you or your loved ones from Puebla. Something that speaks of the city and is also made by you. 

4. Craft Your Own Talavera Masterpiece

5. Explore the Underground Secrets of the Tunnels

Uncover the city’s hidden secrets by exploring the 500-year-old underground tunnels of Puebla. These were considered to be a legend and were only recently discovered in 2015-2016. Almost These are dimly lit passages, so wander through them. Archeologists discovered antiques in the mud, and now it operates as a museum. These tunnels offer a unique perspective on the city’s past and provide a thrilling adventure for those seeking something fun. Many believe these tunnels were used by royalty during the revolution. So you can imagine the history behind this system of tunnels. 

6. Dive into Chocolate Heaven

Here is an interesting take on chocolate. Dive into the chocolate heaven at one of Puebla’s renowned chocolate shops. They are rich in flavors of traditional Mexican chocolate, infused with spices like cinnamon and chili. I know I know, chili in chocolate is unconventional, but the taste grows on you. You can also learn the art of making chocolate from bean to bar and treat yourself to delectable truffles and mouthwatering hot chocolate.

6. Dive into Chocolate Heaven

7. Get Lost in the Magic of the Amparo Museum

Amparo Museum is located in the center of the historic center in Puebla. Explore the extensive collection of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary art that showcases Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. It was inaugurated in 1991, with dates of pieces ranging from 2500 BCE to the present day. You will gain a deeper understanding of Mexican art and history.

8. Conquer the Heights at La Estrella de Puebla

Take your sense of adventure to new heights at La Estrella de Puebla, one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels. It is 263 feet tall, and as you ascend, take in the breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Let the exhilaration wash over you as you reach the pinnacle and capture Instagram-worthy photos to remember this thrilling experience.

9. Discover the Flavors of Mole Poblano

No visit to Puebla is complete without indulging in the rich and complex flavors of Mole Poblano. Embark on a culinary journey and savor this iconic dish that combines chocolate, spices, and chili peppers. Whether you try it in a traditional restaurant or join a cooking class to learn its secrets, Mole Poblano will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. You can book this class hosted by locals, and learn how to make this with your friends. 

10. Soak in the Beauty of the Puebla Botanical Garden

Lastly, if you’re looking for an experience close to nature, then head on over to the Puebla Botanical Garden. Meander through the lush gardens, adorned with a variety of plant species native to the region. Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. 

Puebla is a full lesson in history for you. But almond, with its fascinating history, you have to experience the culture and food first hand. Only then is your visit to Puebla complete. From tacos to ancient pyramids and secret tunnels, this city never fails to surprise. All you need is your sense of adventure, and you’re set! Do you have something else to do in Puebla? Let us know!

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