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Where is SafetyWing based?

Ok, I get it, getting a digital nomad insurance is a big decision. So if you decide to get SafetyWing after our comprehensive SafetyWing Review. You’d probably want to know where is SafetyWing based

In this short article, I am going to give you the answer. I will also give more clarity on why there is a bit of unclarity around where SafetyWing is based. 

Where is SafetyWing located? 

So there is a bit of unclarity on where SafetyWing is based. As the company has a fully remote team but also has headquarters in two different places in the world. The company has an office in Oslo, Norway. But, it also has an office in Palo Alto, which is in the Bay Area. An area in the US that is widely considered a breeding ground for the biggest tech companies and startups in the world. 

Why does SafetyWing have 2 locations? 

SafetyWing doesn’t really have any location. SafetyWing is a fully remote company with members all across the world. It does however have 2 offices, which we alluded to in the previous paragraph. SafetyWing is a well-funded tech company created by three Norwegian entrepreneurs, who have the dream to make the first digital country. Because the three founders are Norwegian, they have one office in Norway. However, because this company is a start-up and was actually part of Y Combinator, it only made sense to also have an office in the Bay Area.


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