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Can I trust Kiwi to book flights? 

Kiwi is one of the biggest travel companies in Europe. However, some of their reviews are not that great. I have used Kiwi before to book flights to Mexico and to the Netherlands. In this article, I am going to give you the answer to the question; can I trust Kiwi to book flights?  

What is Kiwi?

To answer the question, can I trust Kiwi to book flights, it’s better to first understand what this company does. is a Czech company that does virtual interlining. They find the cheapest flight options from point A to B. They do this by connecting flight routes from multiple airlines, meaning that sometimes your flights can get a bit longer, however, they are also often a lot cheaper.

Can I trust to book flights? 

In my experience, you definitely can! I have used twice to book flights, and both times things went quite smoothly. One time, they couldn’t book the trip that I wanted. However, the money was back in my Kiwi account the day after, and I could book a different flight. It is, however, quite difficult to get a full refund in money on your account. Usually, they just put the money back in credits on your account. So the answer is “Yes” to the question; can I trust Kiwi to book flights

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