Unveiling the Travel Revolution: Virtual Interlining with Kiwi.com

Unveiling the Travel Revolution: Virtual Interlining with Kiwi.com

In the ever-evolving world of travel, new innovations are constantly reshaping the way we explore the globe. With each innovation, travel becomes simplified and easy for anyone who has caught a travel bug. 

One travel hack that has gained significant attention is virtual interlining. So what is virtual interlining and how is it helping you plan seamless travel adventures? Let’s find out. We’re exploring the fascinating world of virtual interlining and how the Czech company Kiwi.com, a leading travel app, is revolutionizing the way we plan our journeys.

What is Virtual Interlining?

Remember that time when you had to sit to plan your travel itinerary and spend countless hours searching every possible airline on the face of this earth and every possible flight connection? Don’t forget that we also had to look at numerous prices to find the best deals too. Yes, it was a nightmare, agreed!

Now, imagine being able to seamlessly connect flights from different airlines, even those that don’t have official partnerships, to create a customized itinerary that suits your travel needs. That’s precisely what virtual interlining is all about. 

It allows travelers to combine multiple airlines’ flights, often resulting in more flexible schedules, better connections, and cost savings. Virtual interlining is made possible through innovative technology and data integration, which enables the creation of unique itineraries that may not be available through traditional booking channels.

What is Kiwi.com? 

When it comes to virtual interlining, Kiwi.com is a game-changer. As a leading travel app, Kiwi.com specializes in connecting flights from various airlines, allowing travelers to build personalized itineraries with ease. 

It’s advanced algorithms and extensive database allows you to search for the best flight combinations, even with multiple carriers. This means you can reach your desired destination efficiently, even if it requires switching airlines along the way.

The Benefits of Virtual Interlining

Virtual interlining offers a multitude of benefits for travelers, making it an attractive option when planning your next adventure:

Expanded Route Options

Virtual interlining opens up a world of possibilities by combining flights from different airlines. This means you have access to a wider range of routes and destinations, allowing you to explore a range of locations or create unique itineraries.

Enhanced Flexibility

With virtual interlining, you can enjoy greater flexibility in scheduling your flights. It enables you to choose flights with convenient layovers, shorter connection times, or even overnight stays, depending on your preferences. This flexibility can help you optimize your travel plans and make the most of your time.

Cost Savings

Virtual interlining often leads to cost savings, as it allows you to find more affordable flight combinations that may not be available through traditional booking methods. By leveraging different airlines and routes, you can potentially secure better deals and make your travel budget go further. Besides that, you can even add extra baggage to your flight.

Ultimately, virtual interlining gives you the power to create your own itinerary. With multiple route options and great flexibility in timings, it puts you in the driver’s seat. 

How Kiwi.com Makes Virtual Interlining Easy

Kiwi.com has simplified the virtual interlining process, making it accessible and user-friendly for travelers. Here are 3 ways they do it:

Comprehensive Search Functionality

All you have to do is enter your departure and destination cities, and Kiwi.com’s intuitive search interface will take care of the rest. The app scans its extensive database to find the best flight combinations, considering factors like price, layover duration, and convenience. With all the options before you, you can choose the best combination of flights. 

Transparent Pricing

Kiwi.com provides transparent pricing, showing you the total cost upfront, including any fees or additional charges. This way, you can make informed decisions and have a clear understanding of the total cost of your itinerary. No hidden costs, charges, or taxes are sprung on you last minute. 

Customer Support

Kiwi.com offers 24/7 customer support to assist travelers with any queries or issues they may encounter along their journey. Their dedicated team is available to address concerns, provide assistance, and ensure a smooth travel experience for you.

Kiwi.com’s algorithm searches its own database, the largest of its kind. It has all the information provided by the airlines they work with, global distribution systems, and over 750 other data sources. 

The cherry on top? They have also added ground transport. This means you can find buses, trains, taxis, and ride-hailing services too. It truly is a revolutionized way to plan travel. It allows you to be more in control of your plans and makes you more independent. 

Risks in Virtual Interlining 

With all the benefits of virtual interlining, we also have to acknowledge the few risks that come with booking through this system: 

  • Customers might have to do self check-in to all connecting flights 
  • It might require baggage transfer throughout the journey 
  • You can expect a few inconveniences here and there 
  • With kiwi.com it might sometimes take a longer time to have a booking confirmed.

But the advantages of virtual interlining far exceed the risks, and make it worth your while. 

Embrace the Future of Travel

Virtual interlining with Kiwi.com opens up a world of possibilities for travelers. With its user-friendly interface, extensive flight options, and cost-saving opportunities, it has become a go-to platform for those seeking convenience, flexibility, and unique travel experiences. Whether you’re planning a multi-city adventure or simply looking for the best flight connections, virtual interlining can be a game-changer in your travel journey. So next time when you are looking to book that flight to Mexico from Europe, just know that virtual interlining can save you a lot of money.

So go ahead, take charge of your journey, and create a customized travel plan for your next adventure. 


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