Does SafetyWing cover dental?

Does SafetyWing cover dental treatment? 

If you are like me and have TMJ, or something else wrong with your teeth, then it is important to know if your nomad insurance covers dental treatment. In this article: 

  • Does SafetyWing cover dental? 
  • What dental treatment is covered under SafetyWing? 
  • Why do you need dental coverage from a digital nomad insurance? 

Yes, SafetyWing does cover dental treatment to a certain extent. If you want to know what is covered, read on!

Does SafetyWing cover dental?

SafetyWing might be one of the most famous healthcare insurance providers for digital nomads and long-term travelers alike. So, it is important to know if it covers dental treatment. 

Yes, SafetyWing does cover dental treatment. It even covers emergency dental treatment up to $1000. Which is more than enough for almost every country in the world, even enough for most emergency dental treatments in the United States. So the next time you are living for a year in Albania, or Mexico and you lose a tooth, don’t worry. SafetyWing has got your dental treatment covered. 

What dental treatment is covered under SafetyWing insurance?

So obviously, dental coverage comes with some ifs and buts. I mean, someone still has to underwrite SafetyWing. SafetyWing covers emergency dental treatment in the following cases: 

  • Emergency dental treatment (up to the maximum limit of $1000) 
  • Surgeries needed to replace a tooth damaged or lost in an accident. The accident or the activity needs to be covered by the insurance policy.

All in all that’s some pretty amazing coverage from SafetyWing which is not only really cheap, it also has a lot of benefits as you can read in our SafetyWing review

Why do you need dental coverage from digital nomad insurance? 

It might be strange for some of you reading this that you need dental insurance from your healthcare provider. However, digital nomads are known to be more inclined to an adventurous lifestyle, whether that might be canoeing in France, going on a horseback safari in Botswana, or Skiing in Bulgaria. There is always a chance that you lose a tooth. That’s why it is important to have insurance such as SafetyWing. Because SafetyWing does cover dental treatment! 


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