Does SafetyWing Cover Skiing in 2024?

SafetyWing is one of the best digital nomad insurances out there. If you have read our comprehensive SafetyWing review, then you might want to get this insurance. However, if you are more of the adventurous types of digital nomads that it is important to know; Does SafetyWing cover skiing? 

Does SafetyWing insurance cover skiing?

If you are one of the digital nomads that love adventurous trips, it is important to know if they cover skiing. Luckily for you, SafetyWing does cover skiing. It’s one of the few travel insurances to do so.

As we alluded to in a previous article, SafetyWing also covers dental emergencies. So the next time you are going skiing in Bansko, you shouldn’t be worried. You can even lose a tooth and break your leg, as both of them will be covered by SafetyWing insurance. On the other hand, if your skis get stolen, you might be in for a world of trouble. Because, unfortunately, stolen items are not covered under SafetyWing insurance.  

What other activities does SafetyWing cover?

SafetyWing covers almost any (extreme) sport that you can think of. If you want to go on a wild canoe ride through La Dordogne, in France, or if you want to go horseback riding in Argentina, SafetyWing covers these type of sports. 

Not only will they cover these sports, but the Norwegian-American company will also cover you for scooter and motorcycle accidents. Which is not that strange, since there are so many digital nomads living in Thailand, and Indonesia. Where the preferred transport option is a scooter or a motorcycle. 

It seems like SafetyWing has made a good deal with their underwriters. So, they can cover you even on the weirdest digital nomad trips. Which is awesome, as, us digital nomads, love to go for an adventure. The next time when you are going on a trip and you are wondering “does SafetyWing cover skiing?”. Don’t worry as SafetyWing covers skiing and a whole plethora of other sports, and activities. 


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