How to do keyword research as a travel blogger

How to find keywords as a travel blogger in 5 simple steps 

If you want to start a travel blog, you need to know what to write about. This can sometimes be extremely difficult. You know you love to travel, but you just can’t figure out what words to put on that paper. You don’t have any inspiration, and your mind goes blank. 

Do not worry, if you read our other blog, you will find out that to be a travel blogger you need to have a bit of knowledge of SEO. A big part of SEO is keyword research. So in this article, I am going to explain to you in 5 simple steps how to find keywords as a travel blogger. 

1. Find the ideal customer profile for your travel blog

Now, you might have heard about the ideal customer profile. If you are like me, and work in marketing, you probably hear about the ideal customer profile once a day or even more. However, this marketing buzzword is just as important for marketers as for travel bloggers. 

Although you are not trying to find your ideal customer of course, at least not yet, you are trying to find your ideal reader. If you have an adventure travel website, then your ideal reader is an adventurous traveler. If you have a luxury travel website, then you are looking for someone who spends half the year in Dubai and loves to stay at Hilton and fly Emirates. 

2. Find the right topic for your travel blog keywords

Now you know what your ideal customer profile is. Try to figure out what it is like to be that person who is looking for your content. What are they interested in, and what would be things that are on their mind when they are traveling? 

They might be thinking about new luxury hotels to stay in, or they might be looking to go rafting in France. Once you have found out what your ideal reader is looking for, it’s time to cluster your topics. 

Topical clusters are an important part of SEO. This helps Google and other search engines understand that you have a lot of knowledge about a certain subject. Therefore, it’s great to niche down and not just write about any sort of travel. You can pick something like Disney Travels or solo female travel. 

3. How to find keywords for travel blogs

Once you have a niche or a certain category or topic that you want to write about, you can start with keyword research. 

If you have a niche, topic, or category but still don’t know what to write about, you can use a tool such as AnswerthePublic. This tool helps you find a bunch of topics by just searching two keywords. I have added a screenshot down below to see how many keywords it could find on “Disney Travel”. 

Now you can double down on one of the topics for your travel blog. You do that by using a keyword research tool. This could be Ahrefs, Semrush, MOZ, SE Ranking, Mangools, or any other keyword research tool of your choice.

Because I know that keyword research tools can be expensive, especially for people who are just starting out with their travel blog, I have added the Mangools keyword research tool down below. It has a free trial, and it is relatively cheap compared to software such as Ahrefs or Semrush. For keyword research, this is one of the best tools; 

4. Find the keywords that no one is ranking on with their travel blog 

Although, SEO software for keyword research can come in handy. It relies completely on third-party metrics. That’s why there is sometimes such a difference in keyword volume between two different SEO tools. 

That’s where this technique comes in handy. People also asked data. If you have ever scrolled down on Google, you know that you can see questions that other people have asked. 

You can use this “people also asked” data to find keywords that other people are not ranking on. By using people also asked data you essentially find “0” volume keywords, at least that’s what third-party SEO software says. This is, of course, not true. If no one searches this keyword, then how is it possible that people have also searched for it? 

That’s why you should also use a tool for people also asked data. It’s a gold mine for low-competition keywords, that are easy to rank on. My preferred tool for people also asked keywords is

5. Other tips to find keywords as a travel blogger

If the above tip was not good enough. There is another SEO tip to find keywords for your travel blog. Not only can you find keywords that no one ranks on in also asked data. You can also use Reddit and Quora for keywords for your travel blog

Simply type in the subject you want to write about and find some questions that have a lot of upvotes, likes, and engagement. If a lot of people want to talk about this topic on Reddit and Quora, then you can bet that people also want to read about it in a blog. Even if it has zero searches. 

Finding keywords as a travel blogger is not that hard 

Obviously, if you came here, to this piece of content, you had a bit of trouble working on your travel blog SEO. Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere. If this wasn’t enough to get you started, also check out the best travel blogs to look for more inspiration and keywords for your travel blog.


Aemilius Dost is originally from the Netherlands but moved to Mexico more than two years ago. He started traveling when he was 19 and visited over 20 countries spread over North, and Central America, Europe and Asia. He currently works as a freelance SEO specialist and has worked with companies such as Surfshark, SafetyWing, and BP.

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