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10 Reasons Why Madeira is Adored by Digital Nomads

If you are a digital nomad, then Madeira should be on your list as the next destination. This Portuguese island, off the coast of Morocco, is the next hotspot for digital nomads. When I was still a digital nomad, this place was first on my bucket list, and I still have plans of moving there one day with my fiancé. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly why Madeira should be next on your list if you are a digital nomad. 

What is Madeira 

Let’s start at the beginning. Because if you want to move to Madeira, it is probably important that you know what Madeira is. Madeira is an archipelago in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of over 250,000 and its capital is Funchal. The other cities where digital nomads tend to go to are Ponta do Sol, and Machicho. The island is an autonomous region of Portugal, so there is a digital nomad visa. Now, let’s get into why digital nomads from all over the world come to this island.

What is Digital Nomad Village Madeira  

You might be wondering why all these digital nomads all of a sudden flocked to Madeira. It has a very simple reason; Hall, a Portuguese digital nomad from Lisbon, had visited the area of Ponta do Sol, a small village on the archipelago. He thought that this could be the perfect hub for digital nomads, together with a small local incubator Start Up Madeira and the local government they started the digital nomad village on Madeira. The rest is history. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Madeira As Your Next Home 

Let’s get into the important stuff. There is obviously a good reason why people pick this beautiful island as their next home. Some digital nomads live here for years, while others just plan their workation on the Portuguese island, and here are 10 reasons why; 

Natural Beauty 

Stunning Natural Beauty: Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago known for its breathtaking landscapes, including lush forests, majestic mountains, and beautiful coastline. The island’s natural beauty provides an inspiring and refreshing environment to work in. When you are done working, you can go on hikes through nature and take in the environment. Or you can take a rest and read a book while laying on the beach.

Amazing Climate 

Madeira enjoys a mild subtropical climate throughout the year, with temperatures rarely dropping below 15°C (59°F) in winter and rarely exceeding 30°C (86°F) in summer. This consistent climate makes it comfortable to work and explore the island all year round. So, when you are working from your home office, you won’t sweat as much as working from your office in Mexico, for example. There is a reason why Madeira is called the island of eternal spring. 

Fast Internet Connection

As a digital nomad, this is one of the most important requirements. Working from home with a bad internet connection can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, Madeira has an excellent internet infrastructure, especially in more populated areas, as well as digital nomad village. Which makes it very convenient for remote working.  

Affordable Cost of Living 

Compared to many other European cities and destinations, Madeira offers a relatively low cost of living. Accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment expenses are generally reasonable, allowing digital nomads to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Although this seems to change because of gentrification, through investments, making many places unaffordable for the local population. Please, keep this in mind when you are moving to this Portuguese archipelago. 

It’s a Safe Place to Live 

Madeira has very low crime rates compared to other places in Europe and around the world. It is considered a safe place to live and also has a welcoming atmosphere towards digital nomads, locals and tourists. Because of this environment, you don’t need to worry of your laptop being stolen, even if you have digital nomad insurance that doesn’t cover theft.  

Cultural Richness

I mean, who doesn’t like exploring new cultures when they are visiting a new country? Madeira has a culture that is very much influenced by the Portuguese, as it is an autonomous region of Portugal. You can try out the local cuisine, and traditional cultures and the region holds various festivals and events. Because of the high amount of digital nomads, it also holds a lot of parties and events specifically for the digital nomad community. What makes these events so cool, is that the locals often join them. 

English Proficiency

We all know that, even as a digital nomad, you should learn to speak the local language if you are going to live somewhere for a prolonged period of time. However, a lot of digital nomads just come to Madeira for a couple of months, which means it is not viable to learn the local language besides a few of the basic words. Do not worry, as a lot of the locals speak English because of the tourism that the archipelago receives. 

Supportive Digital Nomad Community 

Madeira is known for its digital nomad community, with nomads from all over the world. There are local co-working spaces and networking events you can join, to meet peers that are similar to you and have the same way of living. This has increased even more, after Start Up Madeira, created the first digital nomad village on this island. Which we alluded to earlier in this article. 

Enough things to do

Often when you think about an island to live on, you think about doing nothing all day and sipping the juice of coconut. Madeira is nothing like that, this island is filled with activities for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. You can go hiking through the beautiful nature, but also surfing, diving and paragliding are some of the things you can enjoy on this beautiful island. When it’s time to unwind, after a long day of work, you can enjoy these activities to stay active and unwind in the beautiful environment. 

Geographic advantage 

Yes, this might be surprising for most of the people reading this, as Madeira is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. However, it is a great base to explore North Africa and Europe and go to that other digital nomad hotspot in Portugal, Lisbon. If you want to switch up your surroundings, during your breaks, then this is the place for you. 

That’s Why Madeira is the Perfect Place for Digital Nomads

In conclusion, Madeira stands out as the ideal haven for digital nomads seeking a unique and inspiring environment to call home. Its stunning natural beauty, from lush forests to majestic mountains and picturesque coastlines, provides an unparalleled backdrop for work and leisure. The island’s mild subtropical climate ensures year-round comfort, making it a true “island of eternal spring.”


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