Does SafetyWing cover stolen items?

Does Safety Wing cover stolen items? 

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  • Does SafetyWing cover stolen items? 
  • Other things that SafetyWing covers.
  • Is there a nomad insurance that covers theft?
  • Is SafetyWing worth it?

SafetyWing might be one of the best insurances out there for digital nomads. However, some things might be not completely clear about SafetyWing. As I lived as a digital nomad for 5 years, before settling down in Mexico, and used SafetyWing on multiple occasions, I might give you an answer to one of your questions; does SafetyWing cover stolen items? 

Does SafetyWing cover theft? 

SafetyWing covers a whole range of things, as you might have read in our very extensive SafetyWing review. It even covers lost items during a trip, something that some insurances don’t do. Unfortunately, SafetyWing doesn’t cover stolen items. 

What does SafetyWing cover? 

Luckily, there are a whole lot of other things that SafetyWing does cover and does better than a lot of other insurance companies. SafetyWing covers dental expenses, as well as a lot of accidents that happen during traveling or living as a digital nomad. Such as canoeing, horse riding, and skiing

Is there a nomad insurance that covers stolen items? 

Ok, so now we know that SafetyWing doesn’t cover stolen items, is there insurance for digital nomads that does cover stolen items? Yes, luckily there is, World Nomads, does cover stolen items. But only if they are looked after properly. 

So what does that mean? World Nomads will cover your stolen items as long as you have not just left them laying somewhere in the lobby of a hostel and then went for a swim, and they have gotten stolen when you came back. 

If SafetyWing doesn’t cover stolen items, is it still worth it? 

Yes, even if SafetyWing doesn’t cover theft. It’s still worth it to get a SafetyWing subscription. This leads us to one of the main points of why it is worth it. SafetyWing has a monthly subscription model, so you can cancel it every month, whenever you want. 

Furthermore, it is also super cheap compared to many other insurance providers. As we said in one of the earlier paragraphs, they also have coverage for a lot of different things. If you are wondering, “Does SafetyWing cover stolen items?” I have some bad news for you, they don’t. Does that mean it’s not worth it? It definitely does not SafetyWing is one of the best subscription-based travel insurance out there. 


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