United Airlines Launches Miles Pooling Program

By Letisha Jaramillo, March 21, 2024

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United Airlines has introduced a new program that lets customers share their travel miles with up to four other people. This means if you’ve collected miles through United’s Mileage Plus program. You can now combine them with those earned by your family or friends from their flights.

To take part, you need to be 18 or older and have a Mileage Plus membership. You need to link your online account, and then you can use the pooled miles to help pay for future travel with United.

There’s no limit to how many miles you can pool together with your group. United, based in Chicago, launched this program in anticipation of families traveling more during the upcoming summer season.

According to Luc Bondar, the United’s chief operating officer of the points program. Allowing customers to pool miles offers more flexibility. And makes it easier for them to reach their desired destinations.


United isn’t the first airline to offer this option. JetBlue, based in New York, started allowing passengers to pool miles with friends and extended family back in 2018.

As flight prices have rise since the pandemic, access to more air miles could be beneficial for travelers. Additionally, many major airlines, raised their baggage fees this year. United recently announced a $5 increase.

In February, the Airline Reporting Corporation reported a roughly 6% increase in air ticket prices. Higher fuel costs and production delays at Boeing have contributed to these higher fares. Airlines are anticipating strong demand for travel in the coming months.

United’s introduction of the miles pooling program coincides with concerns about its safety record. Recent incidents, such as a United jet landing with missing aluminum skin and another jet losing a wheel during takeoff, have raised questions.

In response, CEO Scott Kirby moved to reassure passengers, emphasizing that flying with United remains safe. Aviation experts echo this sentiment, highlighting air travel as one of the safest forms of public transportation.

Kirby addressed the incidents on Monday, acknowledging their significance and emphasizing United’s commitment to safety.

In addition to the updates provided, it’s worth noting that many airlines, including United, have been investing in improving the comfort and amenities of their flights. From enhanced in-flight entertainment options to upgraded seating configurations, travelers can expect more comfortable journeys ahead. United, like other major carriers, is striving to make air travel not only safe and convenient but also increasingly enjoyable for passengers.


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