How long does take to confirm a booking? 

Kiwi is an amazing app for a lot of travelers who want to travel on a budget. Because of their virtual interlining feature, trips get cheaper, and you can usually fly a lot further for a lot less money. This is great if you are from the US and want to fly to Europe or Eastern Asia, for example. I have used Kiwi twice this year, for long-distance flights, one from Mexico to the Netherlands, and the other from the Netherlands to Mexico. However, after you book the flight you have to wait for a bit, which leaves you wondering how long does take to confirm a booking? In this article, I will explain it to you. 

How long does it take for the Kiwi app to confirm a booking? 

As I said before, I have ordered flight tickets through the Czech company twice. It usually takes about 10 minutes to confirm a booking. However, sometimes it can take longer and up to 24 hours. Although most of the time, when it takes longer than a couple of hours there is a high chance that you won’t get a ticket. 

This brings us to the worst feature of Once you don’t get your booking confirmed, it is quite difficult to cancel it, or even get a refund. Most of the time, they will just deposit back the money into your account. That’s why my advice – although Kiwi is trustworthy – would be to only use when you are a hundred percent sure that you need a ticket to a particular destination. And remember, don’t be afraid if it’s taking a bit longer to get your booking confirmed, cause now you know how long it takes for to confirm a booking. 

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