Why you should stop using AI

Time to stop using AI for your travel blog 

03-12-2024, 15:48 by Aemilius Dost

A week ago, Google had one of its biggest updates to date. The Google March core update had SEO specialists, spamming LinkedIn with posts. Some even have labeled the latest Google Update as “Google Armageddon”.  This update caused hundreds of websites to be no longer indexed. There was one thing in common on these pages. The use of AI, to create content. 

Some of the pages even had more than a million visitors a month. Because of one update, their websites were completely taken off the face of the earth. 

One such website was lovethemaldives.com. A travel website that had more than 700,000 visitors just a couple of months back, can now no longer be found on Google. All because of the use of AI in their posts and content. 

Loss of traffic after Google Update for Lovethemaldives.com

So, travel bloggers, time to do actual research again. Find all the best tips and tricks on your next “best destinations in X country” post, in obscure forums, in Facebook groups, and travel communities.

Because from now on, you won’t get away with letting ChatGPT write all your posts. “Google Armageddon” might come for you next.


Aemilius Dost is originally from the Netherlands but moved to Mexico more than two years ago. He started traveling when he was 19 and visited over 20 countries spread over North, and Central America, Europe and Asia. He currently works as a freelance SEO specialist and has worked with companies such as Surfshark, SafetyWing, and BP.

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